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Why It Is Not Ok To Lie In An Interview

Joanna Clare

Statistics show that a person, on average, will lie a couple of times each day. Most of the time it will be an innocent so-called ‘white lie’ which is a harmless or somewhat insignificant untruth that bears no malice and has no ill feeling towards anyone.

An example of this would be to say we have only eaten two biscuits when in fact we have devoured ten, telling someone they really suit their new dress when in fact we may not like it at all or even when a child states they forgot their homework, it usually means they have not yet completed it!

However, whether or not we think that a little lie will cause no harm and will actually go in our favour at an interview, then think again. A seasoned interviewer will instinctively know when a potential employee is lying or exaggerating and he or she will pick up on this immediately.

There are many signs that someone could be lying and often these can be very subtle but the thing to remember is that you know yourself you are lying to someone that you are aware that you need to impress. This will enhance your nervousness at an already potentially tense interview situation - so honesty is the best policy.

People may be tempted to bend the truth about many things in an interview and here are just three of them that can be fairly common.

Some people can lie about the qualifications that they have. This is especially so as many qualifications are certificate based and not all interviewers request for you to submit the actual paperwork although some do. If you do not possess a certain qualification but really want the job yet still have been offered an interview, a much better way of conveying this to your potential employer is stating that you are happy to work towards the qualification and feel competent in achieving it. If you say you have a qualification and you do not, sooner or later this will show in the quality of your work so do be truthful.

Some may be tempted to lie about previous experience. After all, we all know that employers do not request references from every single employer you have ever had. However, the interviewer or a current member of staff may have worked in the very place - or at least have connections or knowledge of it- and you will invariably be found out. Also, you may be asked to demonstrate certain skills you have supposedly learnt there so again, remain truthful.

Lastly, some people may be tempted to lie about the journey to work and how travel and timekeeping would not be an issue. If you have to rely on a lift or  have to take three trains and a bus to reach your place of employment then you must be truthful as it is of no benefit to anyone if you set a pattern of lateness from day one especially if you know that it will be impossible to get to a particular location for the time that has been specified.

‘Tell a lie once and all your truths become questionable.’

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