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When You Get Rejected For A Job… Again

Joanna Clare

For every job that you apply for, no matter how qualified or how well you fit the criteria or even how confident you are that the job is yours, there is always a chance that you may get rejected. Recent statistics show that job seekers can receive up to around ten job rejections and if these rejections arrive in quick succession then there is little doubt that it can leave you feeling depleted and dispirited.

Often you may feel that the interview went very well - you answered all the questions perfectly and it appeared that the interviewing panel liked you. You had all the experience and suitable qualifications that were specified in the job description - but you still got rejected.

It can be hard not to take the rejection personally and become so discouraged that you start to question yourself. Is it because you are too old? Is it because of your appearance? Did they not like you? Did you unintentionally say the wrong thing? None of these scenarios are likely - in fact they are highly unlikely.

On the contrary, out of all the other candidates that were interviewed, the interviewing panel decided that, for whatever reason, that some one else was better suited for that particular role.

When you have set your heart on getting a particular job and actually really need and want the job  and then you don’t get it, you may feel like giving up trying altogether, especially when bills need to be paid or people are relying upon you. You may feel like a failure but you are very definitely not.

Often rejections can turn out to be a blessing in disguise. By this I mean that it may lead you on to applying for a different job which you are accepted for, then you may look back and be thankful that you did not get offered the original job! There are many people who can say they are now on a totally different career path than the one they originally set their hopes on. It may not feel like it at the time of course, but a few years down the job line and it very well may.

So, you didn’t get that job. Take a moment to accept that and continue with your job search because sooner or later, ( and it’s usually sooner), you will be offered a job. Be compassionate and gentle towards yourself in the same way that you would console a friend or family member if they had just been rejected for a job.

Use the time leading up to your next interview to work on you so the next interviewer is presented with the very best version of yourself. Never give up trying because you may never know that your biggest victory could be just around the corner. Just holding out that little bit longer and having faith in yourself and a little flexibility in your end goal will bring you success.

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