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What May Be Stopping You From Getting A Promotion?

Emily Topping

We never really take the time out to look at our working lives and think 'is there anything that I am doing now that is stopping me from getting where I want to go?' a lot of the time people get so used to life that they are living that they don't see why they are not progressing, but by simply stepping back for a moment and looking at the broader picture, you may find a few reasons why you are not getting promoted.

We have accumulated a list of different reasons, here they are:

Me vs Them

This is more common than you think, if you are always fighting with everyone else for the top spot you could look bad to your employer. Instead of being a team member, you are trying to beat everyone in your path. That passion is great if driven in the right area, remember that people of influence and management are to work with people, so good teamwork is essential to getting promoted.

Posting harmful content on social media

We are all allowed our own opinion but be smart with it. Do not post about your work and try and keep a lot of harmful content off places where everyone can see it, especially the company or the organisation that you are working for. You don’t have to have all the people you work with on your Facebook account, you can keep part of your life private.

Burn out

Working hard is something that we all do, definitely when we want a promotion, but we need to be careful that we do not burn ourselves out in the process because that is going to make you look like you cannot handle the pressure. Pushing yourself into a role that you want is amazing and we are not telling anyone to not live outside of their comfort zone but ensure that you are taking time out to do the things that mean a lot to you and that you love to recharge those batteries, so you can turn up to work as your best self.

Giving them no choice

Do not give your employer an ultimatum, it doesn't work a lot of the time, and can you come across in a bad manner which may lead to bad reviews and a bad recommendation if you do end up losing the job or moving elsewhere. Your manager may also see this as manipulation and forcing them to give you a promotion that they might not think you are ready for yet. We suggest sitting down with them instead and asking what you could do better to be a better employee. It shows your willingness to change and grow to get where you want to be.

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