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What Are the Best Questions to Ask An Interviewer?

Emily Topping

When it comes to interviews a lot of people are more worried about what the interviewer is going to ask them instead of thinking about what they can ask. The importance of your interaction with this person or people will influence how they are going to decide whether you are right for the role or not.

But then the question persists, what are the right things to ask an interviewer and why? Well, we have a few of our tips for you to try when you are next in an interview.

How long have you been with the company?

This is a great question to ask because it not only shows that you have an interest in this particular person, but you are also finding out what the average time spent at this company is. Remember that we can always do an interview and then decide later that we do not want to work with them. If you are finding people only being employed there for a year or so and then moving on, why is that? Is it just a steppingstone sort of company or is there something lingering underneath? Finding out how long a person of power has been within the company is a great asset to you.

Has your role changed since you've been here?

This is essentially like the first question but just going into a little more depth. You could ask both questions at the same time. But the difference with this question is you are wanting to find out where they came from, did they come straight into a management role or is there an opportunity to work your way up the ladder to the position you want in the long run?  

What did you do before this?

Show interest in the person interviewing you. You don’t need to be asking what they like for breakfast or what their favourite season is. But you are getting a feel of who you are going to be working with at the end of the day.

Why did you come to this company?

You need to listen to this, some interviewers will be quick to shrug this off and turn it back onto you, but you'll learn a lot if someone answers it. You are asking them what makes the company so great to work at and why should you want to work there too. You are getting them to sell the company to you.

What's your favourite part about working here?

This is a filler question. You do not need to ask interviewers all five questions that we stated here, but if the conversation is flowing naturally and this can slip into without changing the conversation too much then we say go for it. They may say little tip bits like private healthcare, or extra days off after being at the company for 5 years. All these things may make you consider or reconsider your options.

The best thing to do is the ask someone when they give you the floor to speak, it means that you are listening, you are interested, and you want to get to know them better.

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