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Travelling To Work In Adverse Weather

Joanna Clare

The recent snap of adverse weather has affected many people in their quest in getting to work on time and this has invariably proved problematic for some. With several months ahead of us before the start of Spring, it may be wise to be as prepared as we can so as to avoid being late for work or having to miss it all together. No one is able to predict the weather but what can be thought of in advance is the way in which we have prepared for any disruptions regarding usual travelling arrangements.

Winter officially starts on one of two dates. Although this may sound confusing, it really isn’t.

The astronomical Winter, which is dictated by the Earth’s axis and orbit around the sun, begins each year generally on December 21st or 22nd. However, the meteorological Winter is defined by the seasons - so this way, Winter consists of December, January and February.

However, whichever way you look at it, Winter is here and whether you love it or hate it, some forward thinking and planning ahead is vital

It is the responsibility of the employee to get to work on time. If your journey is affected then you must contact your employer or HR Manager as soon as you can to explain the situation and also to enquire whether or not this is payable if the journey to work and in turn your working hours are compromised. This is usually stated in a work contract but can be clarified at any time.

So, if you cannot get to work on time, there are several options to consider. Could you go in later and make up the lost time at a convenient date, could you manage to do your work from home, perhaps take annual leave or swap shifts with a willing colleague?

More and more people travel to their place of work by car and this is by far the most popular way of commuting within the UK. Simple steps that should be adhered to all year round and not just for adverse weather, may make travelling that little bit easier and will ease your mind. Always check your breakdown cover policy, ensure your car is in the best possible condition and that you have your mobile phone with you in the car, fully charged.

Most managers will demonstrate understanding and leniancy when the working day is disrupted due to the weather, after all, they have to get to work themselves. The main priority in any weather is personal safety so never put yourself or others at risk for the sake of getting to your place of work on time.

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