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Top 5 Questions You Should Have Ready at a Job Fair

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A careers expo can be daunting - a jungle of booths, stacks of resumes, and long lines of job-seekers in blazers all eager for a potential new job. Have you ever experienced the annoyance of getting to the head of the line and finding yourself with nothing but the dumbest of questions? Don't sweat! It happens to everyone, which is why we prepared a handy list of questions to have on hand (print this and use it as a cheat sheet!). Choose from the options below to ensure you don't overlook anything important while speaking with recruiters.

1. What are your business’s plans?

If you want to leave job fairs with actual leads (rather than simply free pens and stress balls), you must first do your homework. Examine the list of firms attending the employment objectively based on your goals and select your best bets. Then, visit the firm's websites to discover more about what they do, who their clientele are, and what kind of employment.

Pay close attention to current news releases that have been placed on the website. These are often located in the site's "About Us," "News," or "Media" sections. Companies usually use press releases to brag about their accomplishments, high-profile hiring, or plans. Another valuable source of current happenings is corporate or employee blogs.

2. What is the nature of your business?

It may appear to be a no-brainer, but it is an excellent beginning point. Do your homework before investing in any firm you're interested in. Instead, if you've done your homework, ask, "Tell me about a current project your firm is working on." However, if you haven't done any research on the firm, don't be afraid. I had never heard of Stroud before visiting their exhibit at my career fair, yet I ended up working with them. Don't allow a lack of prior research to prevent you from taking advantage of a fantastic chance!

Also, once the employee has finished answering this question, expect them to ask you about yourself. Prepare an elevator pitch (60 seconds or fewer).

3. What educational background do you want in your employees?

This is another example of a question that allows you to emphasize your CV. Assuming you've done your research, you should already know what type of educational background the firm prefers in its applications. If you believe your degree is a good fit, play it safe and ask the recruiter to discuss the perfect candidate's educational history.

4. How is the company culture?

By inquiring about the business culture, you'll be able to determine whether or not this is the type of place in which you'd like to work. If workplace culture isn't a problem for you (you'll accept any job), the inquiry is more of a lead-in to demonstrate how you and your style fit into that culture. If you've always believed that dressing professionally for work establishes a professional standard, this is an excellent opportunity to express your ideas. Make it known if you think you perform your best work on a beanbag chair.

5. May I contact you for further details?

"Please, no phone calls or emails!" You've probably seen that sentence hundreds of times if you've ever applied for a job online. Yes, receiving many phone calls from unworthy applicants is inconvenient for HR staff, but it's extremely tough to get a foot in the door without someone opening it from the inside.

If you have a fruitful interaction with a recruiter at a job fair, acquire that person's business card and preserve it. Once you have the recruiter's business card, respectfully ask if you may call him or her to follow up on your application or discuss any vacant opportunities.


Career fairs are a fantastic way for job-seekers to learn about possible companies and a perfect location to start thinking about internships, placements, graduate programs, and even on-campus possibilities. They allow you to engage with workers from the company in a casual setting. To be on top of the best recruitment events of 2021, UK Careers Fair is your best chance to meet with leading employers and jumpstart your career!

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