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The Many Benefits of Work Placements to Advance Your Career

October 13, 2021
The UK Careers Fair

There are a myriad of fantastic ways to advance your career. For students, one smart move is to pave your way to the corporate world through work placements. Unlike internships, work placements are part of completing your degree as academic credit.

Work placements provide you with an opportunity to obtain experience and exposure to the types of organisations you’ll eventually work for, helping you to enhance your skills as you progress.

Finishing your work placement isn’t just about completing your degree. It must also be seen as a stage where you can prepare for entering the field you’ll specialise in.

Whether you’ll ask Google “job fairs near me” to apply for placements yourself or your university is organising it for you, it’s best to comprehend what awaits you.

Applying for a Work Placement

Arranging a work placement on your own will require you to submit a formal application to your organisation of choice, similar to the process of an actual job application. In fact, it can also be as competitive as applying for a permanent job. For instance, if you find a job fair in Glasgow, you’ll see that companies are also holding interviews and assessments to see if you’re the right fit for the role.

The Many Benefits of Work Placement

Participating in a work placement programme is your first step to becoming a competitive candidate. For starters, you can improve your CV writing and interview answers. By increasing your experience, you’re also able to boost your knowledge and expand your network.

  • Fast-tracks Your Opportunity for a Job Security

In 2021, 47% of placement students and interns were hired into graduate jobs by their placement employers. Employers use placement programmes as a way to fast-track their hiring process through holding graduate recruitment.  

  • Make Wiser Choices For Your Career

When you’re on your way to graduation, it may be challenging to decide which specific role you would pursue as a career in your industry. As a matter of fact, you’ll still have this difficulty even a few months after you graduate.

Placements allow you to deepen your research on your potential roles and the types of companies you may work in. Meeting professionals in the industry will help you learn what the roles entail beyond what is indicated in the job description. This way, you can be sure about your specialisation and target your applications in that area.

  • Expands Your Professional Network

The best place to expand your network is in the workplace itself. Even if you do not get permanent employment after the placement, you still have your networks for recommendations or referrals. If you do not obtain either of these, feedback and advice on securing a job in the future still bring valuable insights.

  • A Whole New Experience

Work placements do not only give you a glimpse of what a regular job will look like, but they can also enrich your overall life experience. Some work placements can provide you with an opportunity to travel locally or even work abroad.

This is a fantastic opportunity to further your career by widening your global network reach and meeting new people from different cultural backgrounds.


With the benefits you can get from work placements, you can set yourself apart from the competition. It’s always a great idea to take one step ahead, especially if you want to advance your career. Once you’ve booked a schedule for an Edinburgh recruitment fair or any job fairs near you, it’s time to motivate yourself through the benefits you’ll experience.

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