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Taking Your Dog To Work With You!

Joanna Clare

A dog is a man's best friend.  I am sure that anyone who has owned a dog or currently owns a dog would agree with that simple yet profound statement wholeheartedly. People who work from home have the company of their dog all day and once a good work/ life balance has been established then it should be plain sailing. By this I mean having a routine that works for both you and your dog. A simple example would be a walk before work starts, a walk after work finishes and a sniff in the garden at lunch time but it all depends on you, your dog and your work schedule.

Taking your dog into a working environment, as you would appreciate, has certain rules and regulations attached due to the element of risk involved and is a totally different ‘ball game’ as opposed to staying at home. Therefore do check with your pet insurance policy especially being mindful regarding cover for third party properties and any potential injuries to third parties, your employers various insurances and all health and safety requirements including risk assessments are performed.

Leaving a dog at home while you go to work has several disadvantages. As well as both you and your dog  potentially suffering from separation anxiety, your dog can become lonely and maybe destructive through boredom with little to no stimulation or comfort being provided. Dogs are social animals so you may feel guilty by leaving them or worry what they are getting up to which could lead to you suffering from lack of concentration in work and unnecessary mistakes being made.

Now all the legalities are dealt with and you have your employer’s permission to bring your dog to your place of work then it is time to get adequately prepared.

Any concerns that your colleagues have must be addressed and taken into consideration as some people are wary of dogs or could even have allergies so their opinions should be sought prior to taking your dog into work.

Your dog must be physically well and house trained with no risk of any ‘little accidents’ which colleagues would understandably find offensive. Regular access to an outside area (fully supervised at all times), and fresh water and food is imperative.Your dog should have a quiet and comfortable space away from any distractions or dangerous objects.

Research shows time and time again that pets drastically reduce stress levels and can even lower blood pressure. The therapeutic benefits on mental health can not be underestimated and ‘therapy dogs’ are being used in increasing amounts within schools for this purpose.

The positive and beneficial feelings of satisfaction and enjoyment that are derived from stroking a dog or simply being in a dog’s presence can be quite dramatic.

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