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Struggling to Find a Job After University?

June 24, 2022
Cristina Pucci

Are you struggling to find a job after university? Don't worry; you're not alone, and there are several things you can do to improve your situation.

There are lots of opportunities waiting for you right now – jobs and internships that can help make your transition into the workforce easier by showing off your skills in action with real-life projects.

Here are some pointers to help you find your first job after university.

Steps to Take If You Are Struggling to Find a Job After University

Finding a job entails being proactive in your job search and continuously bettering yourself to stand out from the crowd.

But let's look at some of the things you can do if you are struggling to find a job after university:

Learn, learn, learn!

There are many ways to gain knowledge and stay ahead of the curve in your field. For instance, massive open online courses can be found on sites like Udemy and Coursera, which offer free or low-cost resources to keep learning.

In addition, there is also LinkedIn Learning which focuses on professional skills such as software development, product management, engineering, and more.

Gain Professional Experience

Internships are one great way to gain experience. Although some internships are solely available to students, there are numerous programs available to recent graduates as well. Internships allow you to gain new skills while networking with professionals in your sector.

Volunteering is another excellent way to gain experience and expand your network. You can volunteer in person or online, and there are many options available in a variety of fields.

Remember that volunteering can not only help you get a career, but it can also help you learn new skills.

Revisit Your Job Hunting Strategies

Searching by location or job title may not be enough; try broadening your search criteria and looking for remote options as well. Also, think about jobs that aren't directly related to your degree but are a good fit for your skills and work ethic.

Build Your Network

Networking is vital throughout your career. It can assist you in identifying job openings, learning about various companies, and meeting people who can help you in your career.

If you are struggling to find a job after university, your personal network is an excellent place to start.

Your friends and family may know someone who is hiring or who knows of an opportunity that would be a good fit for you. Moreover, you could reach out to former coaches and teachers, high school or college peers, or parents' friends.

Attend Career Fairs

A Careers Fair aims to bring graduates and employers together. It can help those who are struggling to find a job after university build a professional network and explore career options.

Check out our events for a chance to find your next career opportunity!


Finding a job after university can be challenging, but you're not alone; many graduates endure the same struggles as you. With a bit of perseverance and some helpful tips, you'll be on your way to landing that dream job in no time.

Attend career fairs and networking events, improve your skills, and reach out to friends and family members who work in the industry you're interested in.

Stay positive, stay motivated, and never give up! With a bit of hard work, you'll get there.

Planning to apply for jobs when you’re all done with university? Check out The UK Careers Fair today! We’re the United Kingdom’s leading provider of job fairs, recruitment events and career fairs.

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