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Sorry, But I Have No Qualifications...

Joanna Clare

No one should be made to feel as though they have to apologise to anyone for having either not enough or any qualifications at all. A qualification does not define you or make you a person any better or any less than another human and no one should compare themselves to others because of this.

There are many reasons why someone may not have qualifications yet in the grand scheme of things it is worth remembering that kindness, compassion, empathy and authenticity are far better qualities to have than a piece of paper that states we have a qualification. We are all different and possess a mixture of strengths - this is what makes us unique.

However, in the world of work, it is often a requirement to have certain qualifications to be able to apply for and be considered for the job that we really want. But, what happens if you do not have these?

You may be able to gain entry into a company or vocation at a lower level initially. This allows you to gain hands-on invaluable experience while you work towards attaining the qualification that you need. Some companies even offer training and qualifications and will actively encourage employees to make use of any opportunities.

Employers will undoubtedly be impressed if you show willingness and the drive to work towards a certain qualification, especially if you show to have other traits that are desirable for the job such as unwavering determination, a willingness to learn and a belief in your own abilities..

Further education, according to the government website, includes ‘any study after secondary education that is not part of higher education’ - i.e graduate or undergraduate.

There are many, many types of courses with many different pathways. Some are short and more basic and some are rather more intensive and lengthy. Financial assistance and other forms of support are readily available depending on personal circumstances so it would be wise to look into this. Courses may be completed in person by attending a venue or online where support will still be offered.

Perseverance and commitment is key here and if you fail once, twice or even three times or more - keep going, don't give up and you will achieve your goal.

There has to be an element of realism so concentrate on what you are good at and where you feel you would like to excel and the various options you have.

Some jobs may not require formal qualifications but focus more on what you can personally offer and this is where you can really shine in terms of your own character. What you may lack in formal qualifications, you may more than make up for this by showing you are qualified in being trustworthy, quick thinking, an excellent planner or  team leader.

Many people have become highly successful individuals without ever having qualifications and whilst we may not all become the next Richard Branson who has no formal qualifications, it is important to understand that whoever you are and whatever you may or may not be qualified in, you are enough.

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