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Some of the Best-Kept Secret Careers to Discover Today

The UK Careers Fair

Everyone understands what it takes to be a nurse, teacher, or lawyer, but there are many more professions you may not have explored and are not readily available at a job fair.

Many of these unusual and underrated occupations provide competitive pay and opportunities for advancement. Simply put, they’re not what you expected to be, but they’re worth pursuing all the same.

That said, here are some of the most unique career alternatives you should hear about:

  1. Petroleum Engineer

A petroleum engineer can earn around £25,000 to £35,000 annually as a start, but with experience, they can expect to earn £55,000 to £95,000. When demand is high, experienced freelance engineers may earn over £1,000 per day. The competition is quite stiff as the job position growth rate is estimated to increase only by 3.2 per cent in the next ten to fifteen years.

While renewable energy is gaining traction, don't expect oil and gas to go away soon. Petroleum engineers will be in high demand for as long as these resources are required. These specialists are compensated well to assist corporations in extracting oil and gas reserves safely and effectively.

  1. Medical and Health Services Manager

A medical and health service manager can earn an average of £32,000 to £57,000 per year and has a projected 31.5 per cent growth increase by 2029.

Medical and health services managers do not offer clinical treatment. Instead, they operate health care enterprises, create budgets, manage staffing choices, and develop strategic goals for a hospital, clinic, or similar institution.

  1. Business Operations Manager

Every firm needs operations managers to oversee daily tasks like recruiting people, budget, and plan. It's a remarkable job with a low unemployment rate and a £30,000 starting salary, and candidates can quickly move up to a £42,000 to £64,000 regular pay.

The growth rate for this job position is minimal at around 6 per cent by 2029, making it a highly competitive, sought-after role. For this reason, focusing on qualifications and certifications can be crucial.

  1. Genetic Counselor

Evaluates an individual's genetic disease risk, usually specialising in prenatal, pediatric, and cancer patients. They collect data, recommend tests, and report back to doctors and other health care professionals.

Salary ranges for more senior positions, such as a principal genetic counsellor, consultant genetic counsellor, lead genetic counsellor, and head of service, can vary from £45,753 to £91,004. At the most senior levels, you will often be responsible for administration and service improvement and research and teaching.

  1. UX designer

The job of a User Experience or UX designer is to make websites, apps, and other platforms user-friendly to increase the chances of customer retention and conversions.

They need to be skilled in software design, backend functions, and customer awareness to best tweak platforms for optimal consumer enjoyment. UX salaries are impressive at £80,928 per year, reaching a salary between £24,000 to £55,000 for entry-level to experienced designers.

  1. Ethical or White Hat Hacker

Ethical or white hat hackers beat the black hat or malicious hackers by their own game. Their job is to remain a step ahead of cyber attackers by hacking into a company's website, with consent, to search for any vulnerability that cyberattackers may abuse and find solutions to harden the system.

The average salary of an entry-level white hat hacker is around £45,000 per year and up to £66,500 yearly for experts in the industry.

  1. Information Security Analyst

Information security analysts are trained employees that develop and execute computer system and network security procedures.

They may be responsible for monitoring breaches, researching the most recent security technologies, and educating system users on security practices. The average pay is around £32,197 to about £55,000 plus, and a considerable growth rate of 31.2 per cent in the coming years.

  1. SFX (Special Effects) Makeup Artist

If you can turn actors into hideous creatures just by SFX makeup, then you can be one and earn as much as £20,109 per year for newcomers and up to £40,000 for industry experts, which comprise 86 per cent of all SFX makeup artists in the UK.

SFX makeup artists can charge a hefty fee for their services on set. However, they often operate on a contractual or per-project basis.

  1. Prosthetist and Orthotist

As a Prosthetist and Orthotist, you may help individuals who have lost limbs or require supporting devices by creating prosthetic limbs and braces. They make an average yearly salary between £30,401 and £37,267.

Consultant prosthetists and orthotists with management duties may earn between £43,772 and £50,819. The rate of growth is anticipated to reach around 17 per cent by 2029.

  1. Toxicologist

Toxicologists detect and investigate the effects of hazardous substances, chemicals, radiation, and possible novel treatments on the human body. They can be lab-based, research-based, and industrial.

They might advise and treat people who have overdosed on drugs or been exposed to lead and other chemicals in their water supply. They earn an average of £44,360 to £51,500 per year.


Some jobs persist in our rapidly changing world, while others become outdated. However, keep your eyes and prospects open. You will find developing career options that are unique and interesting for individuals eager to try something new. In time, you’ll find the best one that fits your needs and purpose!

At The UK Careers Fair, we are ready to serve your recruitment events and career fair needs in the United Kingdom. We provide a comprehensive networking platform for employers and job seekers throughout the UK. To learn more about our career fairs scheduled this 2021, contact us today!

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