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Signs Of A Good Manager

Joanna Clare

Having a good manager is essential for the smooth running and success of any company. Being a manager means that a significant amount of responsibility falls upon them. They are responsible not only for overseeing the work of their team but also ensuring that everyone is productive whilst keeping them motivated and happy. A good manager leads by example and sets the tone for what is expected of employees thereby contributing to a positive attitude towards not only the work itself but towards each other.

There are certain attributes that a good manager will possess and the first is that they should communicate clearly to everyone who he is involved with. Good communication skills will enable all staff to know exactly what is expected of them as the manager will effectively convey expectations, goals and objectives to all team members. Additionally the manager will be approachable and be willing to provide feedback, praise and constructive criticisms when needed as well as making themselves available to listen to staff.

Trust between a manager and an employee is essential. If you feel as though you can approach and talk to your manager and be listened to about any issue then it shows a mutual level of trust has been established. You are more likely to feel comfortable and more motivated knowing you are working for a company where honesty and ethics are paramount.

A good manager realises the importance of both independent work and of teamwork amongst employees and will utilise this to promote the ongoing successes. They will promote collaboration, cooperation,mutual respect and kindness amongst the workforce whilst encouraging colleagues to share their knowledge and skills.

If you are recognised by your manager and actively encouraged to progress and excel further with professional development and training then you can be assured that your manager is fully invested in your growth within the company. Your achievements will be recognised and your successes will be celebrated. Any areas that need improvement will be targeted and managed appropriately.

In any establishment where people are together, there will invariably be a conflict or disagreement of some sort at times. However, in a workplace that is managed well, the manager will be adept at handling conflict. Everyone involved will feel listened to as a resolution is put in place. Sides will not be taken yet it will be handled in such a way that it satisfies all colleagues.

To remain motivated and productive, the manager will recognise your worth. As mentioned previously, your skills and your strengths will be recognised but in addition to this, you should be paid according to your experience, skills and working hours.

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