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Should You Reapply for a Job That Has Been Reposted?

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Being on the job search can have its set of challenges. This is especially true if you’ve just graduated and are finally embarking on your journey into adulthood. You have to organise your CV, apply for jobs and prepare for interviews. And you don’t always end up getting the job.

Rejection might be disheartening at first, but it’s essential to understand that rejection is quite normal when you’re trying to get a job. You just keep trying your luck until you finally land the job meant for you.

When you’re trying to find a job, you might encounter some job vacancies you’ve previously applied for that have been recently reposted. Although the rejection from your first try might discourage you from reapplying for that job, there are some situations where it’s okay to try again.

Why Do Job Vacancies Get Reposted?

You might be wondering why certain job vacancies end up getting reposted. There are many possible reasons for this.

One reason some companies repost a job vacancy is that a candidate might have declined the job offer. Candidates don’t always accept a job offer off the bat. Perhaps they already got a job offer from a different company, or maybe they just didn’t feel that the job was right for them after all. When this happens, and there wasn’t a strong runner-up in that application batch, the company might repost the vacancy.

Job vacancies could also get reposted if the hiring manager did not receive enough applications or if there were no qualified applicants in the original applicant pool. Another reason for reposting could also be a change in the job description or requirements initially posted.

When Should You Reapply for a Reposted Job?

While some might not think it is a good idea to reapply for a reposted vacancy, there are some instances where it could be worth a shot. A reason your application might have been rejected on the first try is that it was not customised or adequately written.

You have to tailor your CV to the particular vacancy you are applying for. Reexamine the job description and highlight your qualifications when editing your CV. You could also hire a CV-writing service to rewrite your CV professionally. If you’ve made improvements to your CV, you may have better chances, and it might be worth it to reapply to get a job.

Another go signal to reapply could also be a change in your qualifications. You may have been previously rejected because you did not meet the qualifications. However, if you’ve gained more years of experience or earned new certification, then you might get hired the second time around. Acquiring new skills relevant to the job vacancy could also improve your chances.

When Shouldn’t You Reapply for a Reposted Job?

It’s not always a good idea to reapply for a reposted job. If your CV has not changed, then it’s unlikely the results would also change. Before reposting a job opening, the hiring manager would have already examined the applications in their records. This means that they’ve already reviewed yours but did not decide to contact you for an interview.

One reason your application may have been rejected is that you were underqualified for the position. If you haven’t met the minimum requirements and have not had any changes in your qualifications, it might not be wise to reapply.


It can be hard to find a job, especially if you’ve faced a lot of rejection. It might be discouraging to see a reposting of a job you’ve previously applied for, but it may be worth it to reapply. If your CV has improved in any way, then it might be worth a shot. However, if you have the same CV and the same qualifications, it’s best to find a job better suited for you. Just don’t give up on the job search and stay hopeful.

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