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Living And Working In Truro

Joanna Clare

Truro is a city in Cornwall which is on the south coast of England. An interesting fact is that Truro is the only actual city in Cornwall and received its city status back in 1877. The population is currently around 22,000 residents and is the fifth largest community in the region despite not being over populated. It is situated approximately 270 miles from London and the nearest airport is Cornwall Airport in Newquay, a busy commercial airport which is twelve miles away from Truro. Rail networks offer a number of direct services to other towns and cities and of course the city is well connected by road.

Truro has three rivers running through the city which many experts believe may have originally contributed to the name of Truro. Surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, it can become rainy and has been officially recognised as one of the rainiest and wettest cities in the UK. However, when it is warm it is the perfect destination which is why visitors flock to this city and it is an ever increasing holiday haven. Many beautiful beaches are around ten miles away from Truro depending on the route taken with many being dog and family friendly with a number remaining relatively unspoilt.

Once heavily reliant on tin mining and also trading goods because of its close proximity to the water, Truro can now boast a fantastic selection of modern retailers, regular markets, cafes and restaurants which of course include traditional Cornish pasty shops and tea rooms serving a quaint Cornish afternoon tea. The city is also the civic and health hub for Cornwall which provides many public sector, retail and professional opportunities for jobs.

Several exciting ventures are currently underway which will enhance the city culturally, socially and economically. Along with three other places in Cornwall, Truro has secured a multi million pound investment as part of the Government’s Towns Funds Deal with the former Prime Minister stating that Truro has ‘tremendous potential’. This beautiful city, it seems, is rapidly going from strength to strength.

Truro is a cathedral city. Its cathedral which opened in 1910 has some of the most beautiful stained glass windows ever produced in the country and is one of only three cathedrals in the UK to have just three spires.

Cornwall as a whole became very popular during the pandemic when people were beginning to realise their aspirations of moving to a coastal area and this undoubtedly pushed prices upwards yet the average price of a property in Truro is approximately £320,000 and there are some stunning homes available.

With coastal paths and miles upon miles of scenic countryside with Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty on your doorstep, you really could make your dream come true here.  

If you’re looking for a new career in Truro, we recommend attending our Truro Careers Fair! Our career fair will offer candidates from all backgrounds, experience and education levels the opportunity to speak to representatives from an abundance of local employers. Book a ticket today!

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