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Living And Working In Swansea

Joanna Clare

The city of Swansea is situated on the south coastline of Wales. It is the second largest city in Wales with a population of around 314,000 residents and it is approximately 187 miles from London. The nearest airport to Swansea in Cardiff Airport.

Historically, Swansea was important for coal mining, iron, shipbuilding and a woollen industry which then also expanded into pottery and metal which were exported via the busy port. In the 1800’s the population boomed and much work was put into improving general living standards. In the early 1900’s, Swansea flourished even more up until the depression of the 1930s and then after the second world war the metal industry declined rapidly which hit Swansea quite hard, as did the demise of coal mining towards the latter part of the century. In modern times however, Swansea’s economy is now focused with emphasis in public administration, health, education, retail and financial services but still retains facets of the traditional industries. Swansea is the major commercial centre of south west Wales and has a high percentage of employment in service sectors and manufacturing.

It is a city with a rich heritage and has several ongoing developments that have been invested in which will undoubtedly attract more visitors and business opportunities. Last year, Swansea was approved for a huge budget ~their biggest to date~ which is set to be invested in key services within the city.

Swansea University, which is over a century old, is renowned for its research excellence and also its reputation of fine teaching standards. Last year, in 2022, the university saw the largest ranking improvement in the whole of Wales so little wonder that it remains popular with students from all around the world especially as it is located on the stunning waterfront.

There is much to explore in this vibrant and desirable city. The National Waterfront Museum is an extremely interesting architectural masterpiece show piecing

themed galleries which celebrates both the maritime and industrial history of Wales over the last few centuries.

The Mumbles is an exciting and often busy seaside village to one side of Swansea Bay which offers fresh seafood, some of which is sold at the fascinating indoor Swansea Market. There are several gardens and parks, a large stadium with a capacity of over 21,000 people, a fun waterpark, a theatre, an art gallery…the list goes on.

The nearby Gower Peninsula is an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (the UK’s very first to be designated in 1956!) and is a haven for wildlife and birds, having a diverse landscape of stunning beaches, cliffs and moorland.  Rhossili Bay has been in the top ten of best beaches in Britain for over eight years while Llangennith is a popular destination for surfers.

Recently, house prices in Wales rose more than any other region in the UK with Swansea’s rate of growth being one of the highest in Wales.

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