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Living And Working In Sheffield

Joanna Clare

Sheffield is one of the UK’s largest cities and is situated in South Yorkshire.It is nestled alongside Manchester, Nottingham and Leeds.

It is often nicknamed ‘Steel City’ because of its connections with the production of steel which first started in the 18th century and swiftly gained a reputation for producing the best steel in the world. The history of Sheffield and its steel is a rather interesting one with several notable individuals contributing to the city’s success. However, events in the 1970’s caused the steelworks ( and sadly, the coal mines at around the same time) to rapidly diminish and now steel production is more a smaller, refined and specialised trade.

The city has seen vast regeneration over the years and Sheffield has much potential with many exciting developments having been approved and being moved forward. It is part of the Governments ‘Northern Powerhouse’ initiative which combines together different cities, towns and more rural areas of the North of England in order to improve productivity, investment and to generally lift the economy.

This has helped to boost many sectors especially public and private sectors which includes Retail, Financial, IT, Health Care and Sciences. Furthermore, Sheffield has seen a recent massive upsurge in Advanced Manufacturing and Engineering and the broad spectrum that encompasses Digital and Technology.

It has been recognised as a fantastic place for entrepreneurs who open their own businesses and have several large and well known employers that have become household names here such as Amazon, Tesco,The NHS, Capita and Primark.

Sheffield is an ethnically diverse city and its two highly regarded and globally recognised universities which attract students from all over the world who wish to study in a vibrant and creative city.

There are many interesting things to do in Sheffield and it has some beautiful parks, wooded areas and gardens like the Sheffield Botanical Garden to explore. With several museums which include Weston Park Museum and galleries such as the Millennium Gallery, there is something here for everyone.

Over sixty per cent of the city is what is considered green space and a third of Sheffield lies within the stunning Peak District National Park. In fact recently, a study revealed Sheffield to be the UK’s greenest city and the local councils ‘Grey to Green’ scheme proved highly successful in converting and regenerating areas within the city. It has been said that Sheffield has more trees than people!

Sports enthusiasts will be intrigued to learn that Sheffield Football Club, founded in 1857, is recognised by FIFA as the oldest playing football club in the world and the World Snooker Championships have been held in the historic Crucible Theatre since 1977.

Tourism is big business with millions of visitors annually. This is ever increasing as people are discovering the charms of a place that has often been voted as the UK’s safest and friendliest city and the residents definitely have a knack of making you feel at home.

Looking for a Career in Sheffield? We are hosting a careers fair at Hotel Novotel Sheffield Centre on Thursday 11th August, between the times of 10am-2pm. Ours event are completely free for jobseekers and are a great way to meet hiring companies around the city. Find out more here!

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