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Living And Working In Rotherham

April 27, 2022
Joanna Clare

The large town of Rotherham is in South Yorkshire and is situated between Sheffield and Doncaster. The metropolitan borough of Rotherham consists of the actual town and a hundred square miles of smaller towns, villages and hamlets set within some stunning countryside.

It is around 170 miles from London and like all major towns and cities, it is well connected by both road and rail links. The nearest airport to Rotherham is Doncaster Sheffield Airport which is only 17 miles away and has often been voted as the best airport in the UK.

Rotherham is a historic town with its own Minster which dates back over a thousand years. The Minster is significant not only because of the splendid architecture and prominent position within the town centre itself, but also for its role in bringing people together.

Like many similar northern towns, the Industrial Revolution certainly helped Rotherham flourish. Relying heavily on the iron industry, the construction of a canal that reached the town in the early part of the 18th century ensured that coal could be brought in much easier and quicker. Production of iron and steel boomed and the town was also known for being a coal mining town as well as having manufactured other goods such as glass and pottery.

Rotherham continues the tradition as having an important manufacturing economy with a 150 acre Advanced Manufacturing Park which is by its own admission,‘home to some of the worlds biggest manufacturers.’ The town has recently been identified as being one of the most rapidly expanding economies in the country with many large companies having already placed investment into Rotherham. Major sectors include aerospace, automotive production, food production, health care and ICT and hi tech.

Less than four years ago, a new university centre was opened in Rotherham which offers a huge assortment of degree courses which are accredited by leading universities.

Rotherham lies within a green belt area and despite becoming increasingly popular, it offers some delightful and unspoilt countryside. With many places to visit and things to do, a few of the many attractions are the ruins of Roche Abbey, Aston Springs Farm, the fascinating Wentworth Village and The Mansion Wentworth Woodhouse with its exquisite gardens. With ever popular markets held here on a regular basis and a town centre presenting a good selection of shops, bars, cafes and restaurants, Rotherham has managed to preserve its unique northern character.

Property prices are very reasonable with an average family home available for considerably less than £200,000 despite a massive house price growth recently which saw Rotherham beating many other Yorkshire hotspots. Rotherham is a desirable area which has a diverse selection of properties on offer which in comparison to other parts of the UK, are very affordable and has an impressive selection of both rural and urban properties available.

Looking for a Career in Rotherham? We are hosting a careers fair at AESSEAL New York Stadium on Thursday 28th April, between the times of 10am-2pm. Ours event are completely free for jobseekers and are a great way to meet hiring companies around the city. Find out more here!

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