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Living And Working In Oxford

November 11, 2021
Joanna Clare

Oxford, a fairly small city is situated in central southern England and is only 56 miles from London. It is affectionately known as ‘The City of Dreaming Spires’ because of the stunning architecture.

Oxford is popular with tourists with several million visitors per annum and has now become a main business centre for the south of England in particular. Of course, with such substantial tourism,this in turn creates many roles within the hospitality, catering and leisure sectors.

Sciences and technologies play a hugely prominent role here as do the various automotive industries, education, literature and publishing, manufacturing and marketing. Businesses thrive here and seemingly go from strength to strength within an ever expanding hi technology network in a prospering economy. On course to become world leaders in technology, sciences and innovations, some of the highest earners in the UK are to be found here.

A short drive of less than an hour will get you to London but if you wish to travel by train, regular rail connections to London are readily available.

Oxford boasts a world famous and highly esteemed university which dates back from the 12th century and some splendid examples of historic architecture can be enjoyed in the buildings of its many colleges.

There are lots of green spaces to enjoy, evident in the parks and gardens and it is surrounded by lush countryside which is dotted with attractive little villages. Two rivers run through the city where you can enjoy the popular cruises or boating expeditions.

Oxford has an abundance of places to explore and with a wonderful mixture where old meets new in this vibrant and cosmopolitan city, there is always something to do or somewhere to go. Just some of the many attractions include Carfax Tower which dates back from 1122, the Oxford Botanic Garden and a myriad of engaging world class museums and galleries.

Many famous people originate from Oxford such as Oscar Wilde, Stephen Hawking and Hugh Laurie. Although not born in Oxford, the acclaimed author C.S. Lewis attended the university during the first world war years.

From quaint tea rooms to busy bars and restaurants, there is something to suit all tastes and budgets and if you enjoy a spot of shopping then look no further because the shopping centres and winding streets offer everything you will need and more.

Oxford offers some beautiful properties whether it is a traditional period home in one of the surrounding villages or a small yet stylish apartment within the historic city itself. Because of the close proximity to London, this is obviously reflected in the prices which have seen a steady recent rise but to have a home in this magnificent city is priceless in itself.

A friendly welcome awaits you in Oxford. It is an inspiring, diverse and cosmopolitan city which has still retained its fascinating and rich history.

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