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Living and Working in Manchester

January 31, 2022
Joanna Clare

Manchester is affectionately known as the King Of The North. It is a city and metropolitan borough that has a large  population of over half a million people and is situated in the north west of England, some 190 miles from London. Most but not all of the city is in the historic county of Lancashire.

The birthplace of the Industrial Revolution certainly shows no signs of slowing down yet. On the contrary, once recognised for its expansive cotton mill trade, Manchester, energetic and vibrant, is now recognised as one of the fastest growing cities within Europe.

There has been huge employment growth of recent with many larger scale companies choosing Manchester as their home. The Manchester economy is predicted to retain its resilience this year and to display healthy rates of growth.

Over the last year, statistics show that the urban residential market was amongst the highest within the U.K. Just less than half of Manchester's population is under 35 and there is a flurry within the build to rent market where there is a high demand.

Manchester is often the first choice for international investments and is the ideal environment for businesses to flourish. It is a prosperous hub for the digital ecosystem, life sciences and healthcare, financial and professional services, construction,advanced manufacturing and creative and media.

As a global tourist hotspot which brings in many millions of visitors per annum, the hospitality, retail and leisure sectors are also of huge importance.

In 2019, The Economist voted Manchester as the ‘most liveable city in the UK’ and the Sunday Times has just revealed two locations within Greater Manchester as best places to live.

With its excellent schooling and world class universities both in Manchester and the surrounding areas, you can understand why this city attracts so many highly skilled and talented individuals.

With the cost of living substantially lower than the south of England, you really can afford to be choosy when it comes to selecting properties, whether you buy or rent. Properties are as diverse as the friendly, down to earth residents themselves. Whether you are searching for a luxury apartment in the midst of the highly impressive nightlife or a tranquil family home surrounded by parks and woodland, you have it all here. Over the last twelve months, house prices here have averaged at around £240,000.

Manchester Airport offers flights to around two hundred destinations and a flight to or from London is only just over an hour in duration. With fantastic rail and road connections, whichever way you travel, it makes for an effortless journey.

If you prefer to stay closer to home, you can enjoy the splendour of the Pennines with its breathtaking views and rolling hills which are considered by many to be one of the most beautiful places in the UK. The Peak District with its expansive National Park, the wild charm of West Yorkshire and the traditional seaside town of Blackpool are also all easily accessible.

If you enjoy a spot of retail therapy then you will be far from disappointed. Shoppers flock from all over the world to visit Manchester's famous shopping centres and once you start browsing, it's easy to see why. You can then unwind after a busy day in one of the countless assortment of bars, restaurants and cafes which cater for every taste and budget imaginable.

There is a well known saying that describes Manchester perfectly - “What Manchester does today, the rest of the world does tomorrow.”

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