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Living And Working In Exeter

Joanna Clare

Exeter is a fairly small city in the county of Devon which is situated in the south west of England. It has a population of around 130,000 people and lies by the appropriately named River Exe which originates from Exmoor before reaching its destination ~ the sea at Exmouth. The river offers some spectacular scenery, much of which is rich in wildlife including otters, kingfishers and renowned for its well stocked salmon.

Centuries ago, historic Exeter began as a small Roman town which transformed much later on trading successfully in wool yet now is a flourishing and ambitious city with a large proportion of its economy in industries such as the large and labour intensive health and care sector, professional services, knowledge industries, a fast growing digital and I.T sector, education and administrative.

At the end of 2021, a report by the UK Powerhouse predicted that Exeter will have one of the fastest expanding economies in the country throughout 2022 and will become a leader in the south west region, whilst moving into the top ten cities for GVA growth.

Exeter is very well connected by road and London is only around a three hour drive. There is an airport here, Exeter Airport - which handles millions of passengers each year to a variety of destinations. Only a few years ago, the airport was officially named as the happiest airport in the world when it comes to customer experience , which is a remarkable achievement.

Education is of a consistently good standard in Exeter and the University of Exeter is highly ranked and offers world class research opportunities for its students, which come from all over the globe.

A town with a long and fascinating history, Exeter boasts a wealth of attractions such as  Exeter Cathedral which is one of Europe's most splendid gothic cathedrals and is over a thousand years old. The Underground Passages were originally built to contain pipes that supplied medieval Exeter with drinking water and are open to the public. The Royal Albert Memorial Museum and Art Gallery has a wealth of fascinating displays and of course not forgetting the Historic Quayside which has undergone a fantastic transformation whilst still managing to retain its historical atmosphere. Choose from the many activities, shopping experiences, coffee shops, restaurants and places of interest and you can see for yourself why it is so hugely popular.

Due to the many parks and green spaces, Exeter has been listed as one of the greenest locations within the UK and the ratio of largest area of parks per person, Exeter is ranked a healthy ninth. On the outskirts of Exeter, there are six Valley Parks which are managed by the Wildlife Trust and are often described as ‘countryside within the city’.

Due to the superb quality of life, the balance between urban and rural and the charming green spaces, Exeter is a great choice when deciding where to live.

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