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Living and Working In Bournemouth

February 9, 2022
Joanna Clare

Bournemouth is a popular resort town which is situated on the English Channel south coast of England, within the county of Dorset. It is said to have some of the best weather in the UK courtesy of  its very own micro climate.

It is a fairly new town, having had no settlement at all apart from cows grazing in the heathlands, until the early part of the nineteenth century when a gentleman named Tregonwell was persuaded by his wife to build a house there. By 1840, a small village had been built there and Bournemouth continued to increase in popularity as the years passed.

Bournemouth is a little less than one hundred miles from London. Being well served by major road and rail connections, it also has its own regional airport. Having formerly been owned by the RAF, it now operates regular scheduled, seasonal and charter flights to and from Bournemouth.

Naturally, being such a favourable holiday retreat, all aspects of tourism play an active role in stimulating Bournemouth's economic growth and ensuring a bright and  prosperous future. Other major key sectors here are finances, creative, manufacturing, insurance and digital. Additionally, there is a healthy emphasis on aerospace and advanced engineering within close proximity.

Bournemouth University has been named among the top four hundred universities in the Times Higher Education World University rankings in 2022. It has huge appeal to students both nationally and globally, offering fantastic opportunities to excel in their chosen courses.

With seven miles of beautiful coastline to explore, five blue flag beaches, fantastic gardens and parks to admire, relaxing walks by the River Bourne and charming National Trust nature reserves to appreciate, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

There are plenty of traditional seaside pursuits in Bournemouth and with several restaurants, cafes, bars, bistros and the ever popular fish and chip shops, you'll most certainly have so many eateries to choose from. Then of course, there's the oceanarium where you can explore the marine ecosystems, an exciting variety of available watersports and a number of museums. Add into the mixture a fantastic combination of shops and an exciting nightlife and you really couldn't ask for more…yet there is plenty more.

The Jurassic Coast, a spectacular UNESCO world heritage site, stretches an unbelievable ninety five miles along southern England which showcases some of the finest scenery in the UK. The three main centres on the Jurassic Coast include Bournemouth, Weymouth and Axminster.

Properties vary here from magnificent apartments that overlook the sea, older style properties with original features to newly built family homes. Like many places recently, prices have increased and Bournemouth experienced a property boom. Bournemouth is classed as a desirable place to live and also is on the south coast. A demand for property has driven up the prices and the average price for a property is around £350,000.

Bournemouth was very recently named as one of the happiest places to live in the country by the ONS which is confirmation indeed that you can not put a price on happiness.  

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