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Living And Working In Belfast

Joanna Clare

Belfast is the capital city of Northern Ireland and it is also the largest city. Northern Ireland is surrounded by both the Atlantic Ocean and the Irish Sea so you can expect the weather to be unpredictable and wet at times but in general, it enjoys a steady maritime climate. Set on the shores of Belfast Lough, Belfast is the gateway to the Causeway Coastal Route where you can experience the land of legend and fairy tales at its best.

It is just a short drive from some fantastic beaches where you can explore incredibly diverse stretches of golden sand, sampling nature at its finest. It is little wonder that the popular TV series Game of Thrones chose to film in Belfast and the surrounding areas.

Belfast was and still is a port city. In the past the predominant industries were the manufacturing of the world famous and highly sought after beautiful Irish linen, ropemaking and also shipbuilding. It is here that the ill-fated Titanic was built over three years at the Harland and Wolff shipyard which is still in operation today but is now one of Europe's largest heavy engineering facilities.

Belfast has a diversified economy. The service sector which is the largest sector includes financial, retail, business services and hospitality and you will find many well known and global companies have a presence in the city. Advanced engineering and manufacturing remains an important part of the economy with aerospace, engineering and pharmaceuticals playing a key role. Another important sector is the technology industry. The Belfast Metropolitan College’s campus offers courses in IT and technology. Startups and innovation are thriving and there are several initiatives in place to offer support. Creative and digital industries are a growing sector with a number of film and television production companies, as well as a thriving arts and music scene being present. Additionally, life and health sciences are a crucial sector for the economy. The Belfast Region City Deal is ensuring economic growth with a recent huge one billion pounds investment package.

Belfast International Airport is the largest airport within Northern Ireland and the smaller George Best Belfast City Airport proves popular also. Railways and the network of roads make for uncomplicated travel. It takes less than one and a half hours to fly the approximate 520 km from London to Belfast.

With 3000 acres of parks and forests, timeworn castles and mountains so high that you are able to view the Scottish coastline on a fine and clear day, it is easy to understand the attraction.

There are a wide variety of bars, coffee shops and restaurants to cater for all tastes and whether you prefer your shopping experience to consist of high street names or independent shops, you will find them here.The Queens Quarter in Belfast is a lively area, popular with students which differs from the Cathedral Quarter which has a more cultural feel to it.

The standard of education is excellent ~ Northern Ireland has some of the highest achieving pupils in the world in mathematics and there are several fantastic universities to choose from.

House prices are affordable. Community spirit is important within the traditional neighborhoods and you will find the people of Belfast genuinely welcoming, kind hearted and good natured.

If you’re looking for a new career in Belfast, we recommend attending our Belfast Careers Fair! Our career fair will offer candidates from all backgrounds, experience and education levels the opportunity to speak to representatives from an abundance of local employers. Book a ticket today!

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