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Living And Working In Aberdeen

Joanna Clare

Aberdeen is situated on the North east coast of Scotland adjacent to the formidable north sea and is Scotland's third largest city.

As with much of Scotland, Aberdeen has weaved a rich tapestry of history and this is evident as you admire the beautiful architecture that has been constructed through the ages , some even dating from medieval times. While we are on the subject of construction, one of the most notable aspects of Aberdeen is that the buildings seem to sparkle ~ quite literally. This is due to locally quarried and highly durable granite~considered the best in the world~ which had a high mica content, being incorporated in the creation of many of the buildings.

With its position next to the north sea, Aberdeen has a maritime climate meaning that here, the summers are generally cold and the winters are milder.

In the past, Aberdeen's economy relied upon the traditions of fishing, textiles, paper making and ship building but now, times have moved on. Aberdeen's economy continues to grow and is globally renowned for its gas and oil industry but has swiftly embraced all aspects of life sciences and biologies, marine research, health research, renewable and alternative energy, engineering, technology and digital and lower carbon specialities as well as world famous and highly sought after food and drink which is exported to over a hundred different countries.

Aberdeen has many major projects and investments with billions of pounds being invested in transport improvements, the harbour expansion, the commercial sector and improving the city itself accompanied by digital infrastructure, housing, schools and healthcare facilities. The Aberdeen City Regional Deal is generating growth throughout the region's key industry sectors, backed by several partnerships who are focused on Aberdeen's future.

The heliport is the busiest commercial heliport in the world and the port handles an astonishing five million tonnes of cargo each year. Aberdeen is definitely leading the way for investment and global trade and with two universities and having been nominated as the best city in the UK to successfully start a business, one can see why people are attracted to want to live and work here.

Aberdeen has a rail station that is connected to a main network, there are plenty of major roads leading in and out of the city. It also has its own international airport which caters for several million passengers per annum.

Stunning beaches are to be found here and all very different from each other. Idyllic fishing villages with traditional charm to dolphin and seal spotting from the tops of volcanic cliffs. There are many gardens and parks here and many boast hugely magnificent floral displays for which Aberdeen continues to secure awards and win competitions.

Properties are reasonably priced and demand is growing as people are discovering the delights of purchasing or renting in this magnificent, culture rich city. The readers of the Scotsman have recently placed Aberdeen third in a list of best places to live in Scotland with particular emphasis on the mountains and coastlines as well as its diversity.

Because of the latitude of north east Scotland, it is not unusual to witness the spectacular Northern Lights colourful display ~ especially in winter ~ and what a wonderful sight that is!

If you’re looking for a new career in Aberdeen, we recommend attending our Aberdeen Careers Fair! Our career fair will offer candidates from all backgrounds, experience and education levels the opportunity to speak to representatives from an abundance of local employers. Book a ticket today!

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