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June 2022 - Who's Hiring?

Emily Topping

The summer is here and with that, a lot of people and companies are looking toward the opportunities that are ahead of them. The warmer weather and longer days usually allow people to feel better and want to push themselves, this includes companies. So, around this time of the year is when a lot of jobs come up that may be a little different from the usual.

In the UK alone there has been a spike in job openings within the last couple of months due to the pandemic becoming manageable and people being able to go back to their place of work.

Here is what is currently hot in the job market right now:

Social Media

If you were to say that full time and stable positions in social media were going to be normal ten years ago you may have got some funny looks. But there is a huge market for companies that want to invest in these platforms to excel in their online awareness. Jobs ranging from social media managers to creatives, to SEO marketers. They are all needed right now, the increase in positions within this industry has been incredible over the last 18 months, where companies have become more aware of what social media can do for them as a long-term investment.

Do you need qualifications to get the role? Not always, a lot of the time if you are savvy with social media platforms and maybe have built your own personal brand around it, or helped others do so, then you can use that as a testimonial to get work.

Blogging, Writing and Journaling

Another array of jobs that have been popping up a lot recently is writing roles. Whether this is for an informal blog or formal articles. The main reasoning that we can find with this is that companies are becoming a lot more aware that since the pandemic, anything that can be put on the internet is better. A lot more people are spending time on the internet looking for information, for example, we have found roles within the DIY space where they are looking for people to write about how to do small jobs around their homes without having to hire someone.

Though this may seem counteractive because it takes away a need for a manual labourer, it still opens the door to sell a product directly to the consumer if they were able to be guided through blogs or articles, meaning if unforeseen circumstances were to happen again, they would still be able to make revenue.

General Graduate Roles

With schools beginning to wide down for the summer, there are a lot of graduate roles that are popping up. These can range from a variety of different industries, and it is essentially just making sure that you are looking for the right one that suits you and your qualifications.

Most of the ones that were found as this article was being conducted were in the field of becoming a project manager, a career that is very popular and also has a lot of opportunities for people long-term.

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