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Is Remote Work for You?

Alan Writer

You're probably hearing and seeing more and more people opting in to working remotely, whether from their home or anywhere. Yet is it something that you aspire to do? What are the pros and cons? Will it affect your career down the line?

Of course, all these questions and many more are valid, so it's best to approach what remote work looks like and who it may be best for.

It’s best for those that have specific roles

Remote work is a superb option for those that are in careers that are more about managing operations, marketing, finances, and technical development. It's for those roles that need minimal supervision, and the roles and responsibilities are clear and do not require client-facing responsibilities.

That doesn't mean that sales jobs cannot be done remotely, but it is clear for those with a set individual amount of work to get it done in a day, week or quarter and deliver that work consistently. It's easier to track and manage and get the expected results.

There are also some types of roles that cannot be done remotely, which also needs to be considered. For example, roles in manufacturing or industrial-type careers require on-site presence.

However, other roles such as municipal services (think the local police and fire departments) also require on-site presence, so remote work may never be possible depending on your career options.

Be prepared for moments of isolation

Remote work can get lonely; even with chats and video calls, there's something that's missing when it comes to that interaction with colleagues. After all, we are spending around eight hours or more a day with these people in a workplace setting, and that social interaction is greatly reduced.

Now, this could be perfect for you if your personality is geared towards a more focused and less distracting work environment.

It requires discipline to manage effectively

There's another level of time management that comes with working remotely. You need to be able to know when the day ends and set up your own boundaries, as many who have been working remotely don't know when the day ends and end up getting burned out.

Building out your own set schedule and communicating it effectively with your team will go a long way with this new normal and a proper work-life balance.

Enjoy the freedom

With that said, there are a lot of benefits to working remotely or from anywhere. In many cases, if you're able to manage a proper balance, you can technically end up working anywhere you want, thus reducing your costs and not being forced to live in high-cost locations.

You're also not chained and tied to your desk all day (just like in an office), and it'll be easier for you to be able to undertake personal errands that required advanced scheduling in the past while still effectively getting your job done well.

And if you're worried about a lack of face time with the boss that leads to the promotion, in the end, don't worry; there's a good chance your boss is also taking advantage of hybrid working models, which shouldn’t hinder advancement.

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