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Is It Over if I Failed The Interview?

Alan Writer

Many times when we're at an interview, we may have felt that it went poorly. As a result, we start to think there won't be a callback and to move forward in the job application process simply. Often that's our psyche getting the best of us, and we need to assess the entire situation. 

You might find yourselves surprised later on if there's a callback for a continuation of the process in some capacity, and it's better to be prepared than to sound shocked on a callback when you're in the interview process.

Assess the entire interview

Frequently we believe that the entire interview was a complete mess or a total failure, but it may have simply been one point of that interview that maybe a question was too tricky or you weren't confident with your response. 

While the interview is at the front of your mind, you may want to write down the questions you remember and what your answers were to truly see if it was one or two points or the entire interview. This will help you not focus on just a single point of failure but on the overall process. Why is this important? Because you may even be able to remedy those weaker points. 

Prepare for the next round

You can take the time to focus on the weaker questions and know they may be brought up again as the interviews continue. This can be good not only for this interview process you're in now but for future discussions that may ask similar questions. You'll be better prepared for these in the future, and you can make a note of them and how to answer them as well. 

Follow up after the interview

Another key point is that an interview is a dialogue, and it's not about getting a perfect score. So you want to remember to follow up after the interview and highlight the key points where you were strong. It will show to the interviewer, whether it's the HR department or the hiring manager directly, that you are still interested in the role, you took the time to write back, and you mentioned key points that were relevant to the interview and, ultimately, the job. 

You will help to boost your confidence with the entire process itself because you'll force yourself to remind the positive moments of the interview and that, ultimately, it wasn't as bad as you thought it would be. This leads to an abundance of confidence that can help your process along, or again, with other interviews that you might be having at the same time. 


Don't ever get motivated because of one bad interview. It happens to everyone, and the best thing to do about it is to use it as a learning simulation and practice to get better at interviews. Unfortunately, we don't get anywhere near enough time to practice with interviews, and at times we may not answer to the best of our abilities simply because of that. 

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