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How to Stay Focused When Working From Home

Careers Advice from CV-Library

Working from home is a challenge for many reasons. You’re away from your colleagues; which makes checking emails and correspondence becomes even more important. However, the most difficult aspect of remote working, is the unprecedented level of focus that’s required throughout the day.

To help you avoid powerful distractions such as TV and housework, try using the tips below to stay focused when you’re working remotely.

Set boundaries with the people you live with

In order to stay on task, it’s important to set boundaries with whoever you live with. Let them know what is and isn’t acceptable, when you’re working from home. That way, you’ll be able to keep your focus and avoid distractions from other people in the house.

Be sure to communicate how important it is that you’re able to concentrate when you’re working from home. If you need to be left on your own during particularly busy periods of the day; or prefer to work in a quiet environment, then it’s vital that you let your family members or flatmates know. After all, no-one is psychic, and they won’t know what your work schedule looks like.

However, setting boundaries becomes difficult if you have children. In this case, we recommend booking childcare, rather than trying to juggle both work and kids.

Work in suitable conditions

Another way to stay focused is to allocate a room or area in your house as a dedicated space for work. This will enable to separate your home life from your career, when working from home.

This will be most effective if you choose a room without distractions such as books or magazines. It’ll also be beneficial if the space is tidy and without clutter. The room you base yourself in should also be away from other people. The last thing you need is someone distracting you by walking in and out of the room all day.

If there’s any music that will help you concentrate, try playing that, too. With that said, you can tailor your room to whatever keeps you focused. Just don’t be tempted to lounge on the sofa all day!

Work on a company laptop with restricted access

If you’re easily distracted by social media or surfing the internet, you might want to ask your company to provide a laptop with restricted Internet access. We know it can be tough to avoid Netflix when you’re working from home; and using a restricted access laptop will help keep you on track.

For instance, you could ask to only have access to work-related material. That way, you’ll prolong your focus and avoid the bottomless pit of online distractions such as Facebook and YouTube. If there’s anything specific that might knock your focus, ask your employer’s IT department to block that, too.

This is another way to customise your workspace and keep you focused, whilst also showing your employer you’re taking remote working seriously.

Take frequent breaks to keep your focus

Working from home can be more distracting because you’re in your own personal space. It’s much harder to get back on track after losing focus; so, take frequent pit stops either side of your ‘lunch break’. That way, you’ll avoid going off course and be able to pay attention to the task at hand.

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