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How To Rationalise Negative Thoughts Before An Interview

Joanna Clare

Everyone experiences negative thoughts especially when we may be feeling anxious, worried or even fearful and an interview situation can manifest all these emotions as we are stepping into the unknown.

Without getting too technical, the mind will often try and keep us safe by telling us why we shouldn't do something, especially when it involves stepping out of our comfort zone. Research tells us that the brain produces in excess of half a million thoughts per day and you may be surprised to hear that these can mostly have a negative effect on us simply because so many of them are negative.

However, whatever our personality, some degree of negative thoughts are perfectly normal and you certainly do not have to believe the thoughts simply because they originate in your own mind. You are not your mind - you are separate from your mind. The mind can tell you things that are untrue -and it is important to try and understand this.

An interview situation is not easy for most people and there are several thoughts that may be making you feel even more anxious so here are just three of the most common and which positive thoughts to replace them with!

A common misperception is when you think to yourself “What's the point of even going for the interview because I'm not going to get it anyway. Maybe I should just stay at home and not waste anyone's time.” In this situation tell yourself that because you have secured the interview there is a good chance you may get the job so you do need to attend. Even if you do not get the job, you will have more interview experience under your belt ready for next time and you will be extremely proud of yourself for being brave enough to attend the interview.

Another misconception is “What if the interviewer doesn't like me?” Well, what if the interviewer does like you and also there is actually nothing to dislike! More importantly, remember this - interviewers are not interviewing your personality or determining whether or not you will both become good friends. The interviewer is there to discuss the job role, answer any questions you may have and to find out more about you on a professional level to see if their company and the vacancy they have is suited to your qualifications, experience, aspirations and skills.

A further misconception that you may think is “I couldn't do that job anyway. I'm not qualified/ experienced/ confident/clever enough etc etc”. You were offered the interview as whoever read your application/C.V., saw potential in you. No one enters into any job knowing how to do it, even if you have done the same job elsewhere as all companies and employers are different so there will always be some learning and adapting in any new role.

Believe in yourself and your capabilities. Once you begin to replace negative thoughts with positive and uplifting ones, then you will start to experience positive changes.

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