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How to Land a Job When You Have No Experience

July 14, 2021
The UK Careers Fair

It’s easy enough to say that you are going to apply for jobs, especially that the internet has made it so much easier to get in contact with companies and agencies that help talents land a job. However, applying for a job and actually getting one are two different things. It can be challenging given the number of people needing work right now, with the pandemic hurting a lot of industries and causing businesses to close.

This challenge is doubled when you have zero work experience. How do you get a job when all of the ads say you need to have two to three years of experience in the field? Is there a way around it? Yes, there is. Here are some ways you can get a job even without experience:

Address the Issue from the Get-Go

If you have zero experience, you should never lie about it. In fact, be upfront about it from the very beginning. For instance, explain in your cover letter your situation and address any potential concern the employer might have.

Highlight What You Can Offer

While it’s important to be honest about having no experience, you should not forget to highlight what you can bring to the table. Show how you have a deep understanding of what the company you’re applying to does and what you think you can contribute. Show what qualities you have especially during the interview.

Find Experience in Your Background

Perhaps you really have no history in the field you want to be a part of. However, that doesn’t mean that what you’ve gained either in other industries or even while in school wouldn’t be relevant. Perhaps you have done volunteer work or some internship that may have helped you prepare for the responsibilities that the job you’re applying for entails.

Try to Get Some Experience

You might want to consider spending a few months gaining experience so you’ll be more confident when you apply for a job. If that’s a possibility for you, check for available internships in your area or even volunteer programs. There are companies that are more willing to take on interns or volunteers without any experience than straight out employing them so you might want to try those first.

Start Networking

One of the concerns of employees is that applicants with no work experience have no record that shows they can be trusted. For this, you might want to tap on your network of friends and acquaintances who might be able to recommend you. Alternatively, you could ask your professors or internship director to write letters of recommendation – something that would speak of your character and skills. You could start attending workshops and open conferences where you could meet other professionals and industry players with who you can build relationships.

Focus on Getting an Interview… and Nailing It

Not everybody who gets jobs have stellar CVs. Most of these people have gaps in their records, too. The reason they were able to succeed is that they worked hard to ace their interviews. Many employers get impressed by how applicants answer questions and carry themselves. Focus on getting an interview and prepare for it. Learn as much as you can about the company, what the job entails, and figure out a way to show the interviewer that you have what it takes to handle the job.


Not having experience is not the end of the world when you’re applying for a job. While having some solid experience sure has its advantages, there’s still a lot that you can offer and there are still a lot of opportunities for you out there. So don’t get discouraged and attend a career fair, send your CVs, and try to get interviews with all the companies you’re interested in!

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