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How to Follow Up After an Interview

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After an interview, you should always follow up with the person who interviewed you. This will ensure that they have all of your contact information and can remember your name.

Some people say that following up is a sign of desperation, but it's important not to be too shy! After all, if you don't care about what happens next, then why did you bother interviewing in the first place?

Here are some tips on how to follow up after an interview:

Ø Send a thank-you note

It is always good to send a thank you note after an interview, even if they didn't ask for one. Thank them for their time and reiterate your interest in the job.

Thank-you notes should be short and sweet: no more than three sentences long! The idea is to remind them that you exist and are interested in the position - not trying to sell yourself all over again.

Send it within 24 hours of your meeting or earlier while everything is still fresh in their mind. If you can't attend the interview in person, sending a thank-you note by email is ok.

Don't wait too long! One week is often considered standard for an initial follow-up after an interview. But don't be afraid of being seen as overly aggressive if you do so sooner than that. And whatever you do, don't forget about your follow-up altogether!

Ø Follow up with the interviewer to ask for feedback on your performance

Asking for feedback on your performance is not always easy, but it can be very useful. It's a good way to find out if you're doing everything right and what the next steps should be for another interview or an offer.

Remember, this follow-up requires a bit more tact, so don't just send them an email asking, "So when do I hear back from you?" Keep in mind that they might still have many other candidates going through interviews simultaneously as well! Instead, ask something like:

"I'm enjoying our conversations about [the role] - would it be possible to schedule some extra time with you soon? I'd love to get your feedback."  Don't take their lack of response personally. It's part of the process.

You should also keep in mind that not all companies will have this follow-up procedure or feedback session. Some employers are known for their strict no contact rule after an interview - don't make any assumptions! Find out what is considered normal protocol at your company before sending off a few emails asking about the next steps.

If they tell you there's going to be another round and set up some dates... ask them when exactly these interviews might take place so you can plan around them accordingly! You want to leave yourself enough time between each step to avoid losing momentum but still get everything done on time.

Ø Check-in with the hiring manager or recruiter periodically to see if they need any additional information from you

Checking in every so often doesn't mean bugging them to death... it just means you want to be in the loop and make sure they know you're still interested.

What You Need to Do

Email or call them after the interview and ask if they need any additional information from you, such as references. If it's been a while since your last communication with them, follow up again in about one week, asking how the process is going and when they expect to make a decision (if that's not already clear). Just don't be annoying! You want to give them time without feeling like you're giving up by moving on. Also, if they say they'll get back to you by the end of the week, but it's now been two weeks... don't be afraid to follow up again.

Another way you can check-in is by sending a letter or note thanking them for their time and reiterating your interest. Accompany the thank-you with any updated information that they may find helpful, such as an updated resume or references (if they haven't already asked).

Ø If you are not offered the position, follow up to let them know that you're still interested and would love an opportunity to work for their company someday

If you're not offered the job, don't be afraid to follow up. Just because they didn't offer you a position today doesn't mean that they won't work in the future or that they aren't interested in your qualifications if another opportunity opens up.

Tell them why you enjoyed meeting with them and again reiterate how much interest you have in working for their company (if applicable). If it's clear from your interview notes (or experience) what wasn't quite right about this role, mention that too but say something like, "I know we would work well together." You may even want to suggest ways that you could improve based on your conversation during the process. If you're not able to get in touch with them, send an email. And if it's been more than a month since your interview and you still haven't heard back, follow up again just one last time saying that you've appreciated the opportunity but would like some feedback on why they decided against hiring (if at all possible). Make sure whatever message or note you send is polite and encouraging! Even after receiving bad news, there isn't any reason for being rude or negative about yourself as a candidate—even if this experience has made it clear that this company is likely not interested in continuing its relationship with you.

Ø Keep following up until they either tell you no or yes

It is better never to give up. It might take a while, but if you want to work for this company and think there is potential... keep following up until they either tell you no or yes!

And if they say no, make sure to ask them who else they are considering (if applicable). You never know what the future holds with any given employer—it doesn't hurt to stay in their good graces even after not getting hired. And it's possible that your next interview could be with someone higher up at the same organization anyway; staying on top of things means that when something does open up again, they may remember you as someone worth talking with further.

Ø Final thoughts

When doing a follow-up after an interview, It is best always to be polite and respectful. Do not try to get too personal or ask for feedback on why you were not chosen; that is only reasonable if the interviewer brings it up first. And keep in mind that there are many different reasons they may have decided against hiring you... some of which may have nothing to do with your qualifications! So stay positive about the experience, even if this did turn out to be a rejection. You can still use any information gained from their process (such as what type of questions they asked) when applying again at another time—and hopefully, next time around, things will work out better than ever.

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