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How to Dress for Success for Your Upcoming Job Interview

June 16, 2021
The UK Careers Fair

As you may realise by now, different industries will generally have different dress codes set. For instance, those in the construction industry will normally be wearing hard hats and other safety equipment. Meanwhile, those working in the accounting industry will be dressed in something sleek and professional, like a business suit! Of course, there are those companies that have no dress codes at all, allowing their employees the freedom to wear what they feel most comfortable with while still keeping things sensible.

However, the real question remains: what should you be wearing for the job interview? In many cases, you can talk to your potential employer about this and then dress accordingly. However, taking things up a notch can give you that edge needed to get hired over other candidates!

In this article, we'll tell you how to dress for success!

Styling tips for men

The go-to black suit is what men can all rely on. It has stood the test of time in terms of fashion and is still worn widely today to create an image of professionalism. That being said, if black doesn't suit the individual's taste, picking other colours like dark blue or grey can work well too. Just make sure that the accessories being worn match the suit, ensuring a unified look that looks great!

On the off chance that one may feel overly dressed for the occasion, but is still unsure of what to wear, then keep the jacket on. It is better to overdress for something rather than underdress! In fact, to employers, the fact that the potential employee spent the time to dress up for the interview proves that the applicant is excited about the job and really wants to get it.

Styling tips for women

For women, keeping make-up minimal and natural is the key to success. As for the hairstyle, anything that keeps the hair in control and off the face is a must. For clothing, wearing an outfit that isn't too revealing is a must. This means that women will want to ensure that their midriff is completely covered and that the skirt worn goes past the knee.

While men won't typically wear jewellery, women will more than likely do so. Understated and classic jewellery is better for this purpose, and if there are any feelings of doubt, opting not to wear them is also a good choice.

Getting interviewed online

The above tips will apply well to you if you are planning for a face-to-face interview with your employer. However, if you are having an online interview instead, you may be wondering if any of the above tips are necessary. Sure, they will only see your face, but we recommend fully dressing for the occasion anyway! Even if they will never see what shoes you are wearing, dressing up for the occasion puts you in the interview mindset—which is a big factor when it comes to being successfully hired for the job!


Whether you're going to a physical interview or a digital one, dressing up the part will ensure your chances of success are as high as possible! Remember, the outfit you are wearing is less about impressing your employer and more about getting your mindset in the right place.

If you dress your best for success, the chances are that you will succeed. Of course, this still doesn't guarantee that you will land the job, but every advantage counts. Plenty of that advantage will come from how you dress for the interview, so spend the time to dress right!

Are you looking for more career advice to secure the job of your dreams? The UK Careers Fair is the leading provider of recruitment events, job fairs, and more in the UK. We compile the latest tips and tricks to help you land that dream job! Connect with us today to stay updated!

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