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How To Cope With ‘Bleak January’

Joanna Clare

According to research, January has long been associated with being the most depressing and gloomiest month of the entire calendar year. Typically, whereas December is full of joy and happiness, parties and presents along with celebrating together with family, friends and acquaintances, January is seen as somewhat of a let down.

The recent generous spirit that was prevalent the month before has now been replaced by a more austere and sensible one and many people can find themselves becoming increasingly overwhelmed.

Once work has reopened its doors after the festive break, Christmas can feel like a distant memory and it can feel like there is nothing to look forward to …apart from work.

So why is this and what can you do about it? Well, once more turning to research, the statistics tell us that people become pessimistic because of the weather, their financial situation and boredom.

Of course, there is nothing you can do about the weather although it definitely does give you plenty of opportunities for initiating conversations with the more elusive colleagues that you often struggle to talk to! Try ‘ have you seen the weather forecast for the next few days!?’ or ‘My roof almost blew off in that storm last night!’ to no one in particular and watch the response. They will inevitably delight in telling you of the house three doors down whose roof actually did blow off and then tell you of how the weather is only going to get worse - much worse and then they will be only too pleased to give you daily reports!

Taking extra care with travel to and from work is imperative in wintery weather so take all necessary precautions and stay safe, however your mode of transport.

I am sure you have had many Januarys so you will know that with minimum spending as well as a clever financial plan if you have overspent that you can take control of your finances. In January, many people find that they need to put the brakes on spending and keep them on so you are not alone. If your spending and financial situation has become out of control then speak to someone who has the authority to help - your bank, your credit card or utility companies. They often have solutions that you may not be aware of or can point you in the right direction for the help you need. Do not suffer in silence as the stress of worry can soon make you unwell, affecting your health and your work.

January can be a time of setting yourself goals and aspirations for the year ahead and envisaging what you want to have achieved by this time next year - both personal and work related. Quiet, meticulous and diligent focus will get you through the toughest month of the year and into February.

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