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How To Compile a CV For Your Next Big Move

Alan Writer

You've got a year or two of experience, and you're looking to get that big promotion or that higher position in another organisation. Maybe you feel that your experience on paper is inadequate or lacking, but that may not always be the case.

If you feel confident enough to look for that higher position, then all you need to do is convey that confidence onto your CV appropriately.

Don’t embellish

One thing to remember is that you don't want to embellish or lie about your experience and successes. People tend to think that it may go unnoticed. First, it is not necessary as it may not be plausible in many cases or make sense. It can become a red flag during the process and may not get your foot in the door and end the chances of getting that position.

Even later in your career, you should never go beyond what you can clearly explain and take credit for.

Focus on where you made a difference

Now that we're aware of what not to do let's get back to the CV and focus on where to make you shine. When looking for higher positions, you want to start highlighting aspects of your experience beyond your regular duties. For example, areas where you showcased leadership qualities or problem-solving capabilities help hiring managers to see that you're ready for the next level.

Some examples can include but aren’t limited to items where you took on additional responsibility successfully, where you were able to lead a project, no matter how small, towards completion or where you were able to implement efficiencies within your organisation.

Keep updating

It might take a while to land that higher position, so make sure that you're always updating your resume throughout the process. As more time passes, so does your level of experience. You may have added more to your work plate, so it's important to reference these updates with every new job application. You want to stress that you’re ready for these positions and have that clearly reflected in your CV.

Review the position

Look at the position you're aiming for and have your resume look like that position. This is a common strategy that is used to land a job, but this time you're looking to land a higher position. That means you need to ensure complete alignment with the job role and how your CV reflects that position.

Be patient and persevere towards that goal, and when you feel that your CV is on track or nearing that position, then go ahead and apply for it.

This will help you when you're able to land that interview since you've been doing so much pre-work and foundational efforts towards crafting the perfect CV for this role. You'll then be able to exude the confidence that's on the paper with ease and hopefully achieve that dream career leap you're looking for. As always, be patient and persistent.

Having the right CV is just the first step of many that you'll take to leave unemployment forever. At the UK Careers Fair, we provide job applicants to find openings and opportunities to find their new corporate home. Signup with us to get updates on the latest recruitment events and career fairs in the UK!

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