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How to Answer Interview Questions About Your Career Goals

September 1, 2021
The UK Careers Fair

Everyone gets asked common questions in their preliminary interviews. While most of them are concise enough to garner a clear answer, some are very vague, much so that people often navigate through the process in confusion. Even the most straightforward inquiries about your career goals may catch you off guard, causing you to get a raised eyebrow if you mess it up.

Indeed, you need to set yourself up for the more complicated questions; otherwise, you may fumble your answers and end up lowering your chances of getting that position.

In such a case, your best option would be to know how to answer properly without giving out too many unnecessary details. Here’s a quick guide to help you:

Analysing Your Plans

You are being asked questions about your career goals because the company would like to know whether or not you have a definite plan in mind. Jobs aren’t just for you to have a means of income, after all. They also help you grow and develop your skills further. If you want to master everything you’ve ever learned through your past work experiences and training, this may be the perfect opportunity for you to apply them and hone them more according to your intended skill level.

The best company that you can ever apply for is one that will allow you to grow over time without limitations that could hinder you from achieving your full potential. If you happen to find one that will support you with this goal, then congratulations! You are on your way towards a fantastic career ahead.

Make sure to discuss this goal with your interviewer to determine whether or not they are willing to help you develop further or they are going for an employee who already has the level of skill sets that they are looking for.

Playing to Your Strengths

It’s not just about the knowledge, but it’s also about the accumulated skills. Once you understand what the job description may require from you, you have the chance to layout your plans or strategies in accomplishing them.

Be sure to discuss this further with the interviewer to help them further gauge your qualifications, which will help them determine whether or not you are up to the challenge. While your resume may already mention your past work experiences, you can also elaborate on each of them to improve your chances.

What May Be Considered as a Wrong Answer to the Question?

Any honest answer about your personal growth, helping out the company, and being an integral part of it will suffice. However, one of the things that you should never mention would be your intention of working for another company if this current opportunity doesn’t work out in the long run.

It is never a good sign for any HR personnel to hear this coming from an applicant. This is comparable to letting your friend know that you will leave their birthday party early if ever you find out that the food served isn’t up to your standards. This is a big no-no and must be avoided at all costs.


Interview questions can indeed be nerve-wracking, but just because they’re intimidating doesn’t mean that you wouldn’t be able to answer them appropriately. Understanding the meaning behind the questions will give you a general idea of the position you are applying for.

It’s also the best way to showcase what you can do, ensuring that employers are impressed. By being honest and concise with your answers, you may just land that well-deserved job.

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