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How A Minimalistic Environment Can Help You Focus At Work

Joanna Clare

Minimalism is a popular and on trend lifestyle philosophy which focuses on living with less possessions in your environment. It often also incorporates a way of simplifying your choices too, which is aimed at promoting a deeply calming and beneficial effect. The concept of minimising is often shown on television, social media and magazines with an emphasis on decluttering. There are even countless books written about the subject and many ‘professional declutterers’ who will gladly visit your home to give advice or even carry out decluttering for you. Life coaches, psychologists and similar professions will equally advise on how to declutter your mind.

However, whilst the idea is usually tailored to people’s homes, it can also have tremendous benefits in the workplace. It costs you nothing as the idea is to thrive with less.

It can increase your focus because when your workspace is cluttered with unnecessary items, it can lead you to becoming distracted and in turn decrease productivity. By removing these distractions, it will help you focus on what you need to and therefore prioritise your work and keep your manager happy.

Having a minimalistic environment will inevitably lead to much better time management. Instead of wasting time looking for items in a chaotic environment, you can streamline your work processes and devote the time and mental energy to your work.

Often when clutter and chaos are removed, you are left with the basic essentials and this can help you see things from a fresh perspective. Your ideas will start to flow and you become naturally more creative in the process.

You can become much more efficient if you have a minimalistic approach or mindset towards your work if you have already eliminated unnecessary tasks. You will have reduced any feelings of overwhelm by only having one task at a time and knowing exactly what it is and how you are going to manage it. You will be encouraged by your own newly found efficiency and in turn produce a higher quality of work which you can be proud of.

Finally, the most important aspect of a minimalistic approach to work and your working environment is that you should begin to feel much less stressed. We have all had days where we have forgotten to do important tasks, mislaid items, failed to communicate efficiently, been inundated with so many emails or paperwork that we become totally overwhelmed and that is when mistakes can be made. By taking some time to work out how to adapt a positive minimalistic approach to your own working life and environment, it can bring about many significant benefits for you, your work, your colleagues and your environment.

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