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Getting Ready for a Remote Interview – Top Tips

Emily Topping

The world is changing, the way we conduct business, interviews and even socially is different. With the explosion of the possibilities of the internet, we are finding that our interactions are now more than ever occurring online.

Something that is terrifying people who are getting an interview is that they always say that they are better in person than online because they can present themselves better. But you can still make a good, if not excellent impression to an interviewer online. Within this article, we are going to give you our top tips in getting ready for a remote interview.

Equipment is key

First things first, make sure that all the equipment that you need to conduct an interview is ready. Check your laptop, microphone, camera, and internet speed so that when the interview starts it will not be buffering, you can be heard and seen clearly and your surrounding areas that linger in the background are not cluttered or messy.

Make sure you are well presented

Make sure that you present yourself well, a lot of people joke that they wear a shirt and tie up top and then nothing on the bottom before ‘no one is going to see that’ we do not suggest that you do this. Before your interview, have a shower, get ready and clean, put on a good suitable outfit for the role that you are applying for and yes, we mean the entire outfit. If you are not willing to dress the part for 30 minutes to an hour of your time, don’t think that the interviewer is going to take you seriously, because he may not know what is going on, but you do, and we don’t need you flashing the camera when you wriggle in your seat.

Be prepared...

Get a glass of water ready to go, I know this may sound a little different but when you are speaking a lot during an interview you will need a drink to keep your vocal cords loose, you don’t want to have to excuse yourself during the interview to get a drink.

Take notes!

Notepad and pen, I cannot stress enough how important this is. Make notes whilst they are speaking, try not to make it obvious but you can casually be writing keywords and points to your side whilst keeping good eyes on your laptop or computer.


Even though these interviews are remote, treat them like any other interview that you may have had in person. The only difference is that they are not sitting across from you, be professional, be smart and be confident. You’ve got this.

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