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Getting Ahead - The Most Integral Questions to Ask In a Job Fair

August 19, 2021
The UK Careers Fair

Should you choose to attend a job fair, understand that you only have a few minutes to make yourself shine. A way to seamlessly create an impression on every recruiter is to ask the right questions. In a quick and casual conversation, you can immediately distinguish yourself from other competing candidates.

Before facing these companies, consider preparing a list of questions and a brief presentation to impress potential employers instantly. You can increase your chances of getting a job or securing an interview by asking these critical questions:

#1: Demonstrate a Genuine Desire to Work for the Company

  • Question: "Can you tell me more about X company?"

Check out each organisation’s website to discover hiring trends, future goals, or accomplishments. For example, ask for your feedback on company development. Then, briefly give your take on what they’re currently doing now This will show the recruiter that you are familiar with the organisation and its accomplishments.

  • Question:  "Can you tell me about a ten-year career for someone in this position?"

This question demonstrates your desire or passion for working for the organisation for an extended period.  It will also prove that you seek opportunities for the long term.

Demonstrate Your Abilities

  • Question: "What qualities do you value the most in a candidate for X position?"

Visit the company's website and study the job description of the position you want. This offers you an idea of the qualifications and skills the organisation is looking for in a candidate. If you believe you'd be a good fit for the job, pick one or two qualities they mention and provide a brief example demonstrating these in a previous work experience.

  • Question: "What do you look for in a candidate's educational background?"

To obtain an idea of the needed educational background for a particular position, look up the job description for the work you're interested in. If your degree is relevant to the needs of your firm, let your recruiter know that you’d make the perfect fit. To add, highlight awards and accomplishments in your CV or resume.

Learn More about the Company

  • Question: "What is one of the most difficult things about your job?"

The question will help you assess your character, values, and work ethics and see if you fit the role or the company. On the other hand, it may also be an opportunity to showcase your abilities. If the recruiter brings up a previous issue, you might be able to share a time you solved a similar problem.

  • Question: "How would you describe the culture of the company?"

A recruiter is a perfect person to explain the culture of a company. Before applying, ask this question to assess if you can thrive in a specific environment. If it’s the type of place you'd like to work, let the recruiter know by providing your best work from a previous work experience.

  • Question: "Why do you love working for X company?"

This question will either give you the green light or the red light. If the recruiter has difficulty answering this question, it shows that the company is not the best place to work at. However, if they can share with you a few things, you may be more encouraged to apply. At the same time, this may also allow you to connect more personally with the recruiter.


These questions assist you in projecting a positive image to recruiters and learn more about the companies. When you meet a recruiter, you make a connection with a critical member of their team. Aside from these questions, keep in mind that a simple follow-up call could lead to a bigger and brighter future ahead. If you come prepared with the right questions, you will undoubtedly be a valuable addition to any corporate team.

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