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Five Ways You Can Bring Out The Best In Colleagues

Joanna Clare

Due to the  large amount of time that many people spend in a working environment with colleagues, it is vital to try and create a harmonious atmosphere where everyone can strive to become the best version of themselves wherever they may work or whatever their job is. Happy employees make for high productivity levels and an enthusiasm for their work where they are much more likely to meet targets and aim for perfection within their role.

Listening to your colleagues is important. Really hearing what they are saying and then asking questions or opening areas of discussion is vital to show that they are being taken seriously. Keeping your own opinions to yourself unless asked also shows that you are actively listening to whatever it is that your colleague needs to talk about and you are interested.

‘Being there’ for your work colleagues is an important part of being in a group or team setting. By showing your colleagues that you are there if you need them, that they can rely on you and that you can offer reassurance and understanding is a fantastic quality to have. People invariably feel secure  in knowing that someone is cheering them on and has faith in them.

Being open minded and non judgemental shows your colleagues that you are not biased and that you have the capacity to respect a person for who they are or choose to be. Ultimately this will allow them to embrace their uniqueness and will feel comfortable in their own skin without fear of  having to hide their life choices, their personal preferences or anything else that makes them ‘them’.

Nobody can be positive all the time but to try and maintain a positive environment within the work setting can work wonders on self esteem. Small gestures such as complimenting colleagues on their work or offering assistance when a colleague is struggling are all positive attributes. Research has proven that if you receive a compliment then you are more likely to compliment someone else, thus spreading positivity in abundance.

Lastly, being able to laugh in the face of adversity is critical for both your own wellbeing and that of your colleagues. Stress can quite often niggle away and cause some quite serious health problems both physically and mentally if not dealt with so it is important to not bottle up failures and mistakes. Of course, rectify mistakes and learn from them but learn to not to take life and work too seriously. Remember the bigger picture.

By caring for colleagues in such a way that you care for ourselves, you can bring out the best in everyone in a happy, trusting and confident work environment.

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