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Finding the Right Career For You

The UK Careers Fair

This is something that a lot of people worry about throughout their entire lives, if you think about it, we are going to spend a significant amount of our lives working so why would we do something that does not make us feel like we are fulfilling ourselves. There are people out there right now, not doing what they love because they didn’t invest into themselves and what their hearts desired.

The best part of this, as morbid as that statement may have come across, is that you can change it now, change it today and take control of the career that you want to do and not settle. Finding your path is key to feeling fulfilment and when you do what you love and have passion for, the statement is true that you really don’t feel like you are working all the time.

Finding the right career for you will not happen overnight but it will happen if you follow some simple steps that we have put together.

1.     Career assessments

Some people frankly do not know what they want to do and that is completely fine, by taking career assessments you can get a general idea of what your personality traits and way you think and feel about certain situations say you should be doing. This is a great way to open your mind up to the possibilities that may be presented to you, sometimes we even like to do some of these assessments to see if our goals are still aligned the same as before. It is a trick that they use in schools a lot of the time to find out how a child is developing and which way they should be encouraged.

2.     Make a list of what you’d like to do

What makes you happy? And what can make you a liveable income? Now, put that all into a list and see what stands out to you. Maybe you really like flowers and want to start up a floristry company, when you find that out, what do you need to do to get there? What else is in that industry? You could work at weddings or events or do special bouquets that get sent all around the country. Once you asked a singular question, keep asking until you cannot think of anything more that suits the interest you have.

3.     Look for opportunities, mentoring

Is there something or someone in your life that can help you get where you want right now? Invest into people who are doing what you want to do and see if they can help you get closer to your end goal. The quickest way to get where you want is to go after the people who are already doing it and seeing how you can help in exchange.

These are only a few tips in how to find the right career for you, but it does really start with you and what you want to be doing in the long run and are willing to invest into in order to get there.

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