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Environment-Focused Jobs In Different Fields: Green Careers

September 2, 2021
The UK Careers Fair

Suppose you want a career that helps the environment or find a job opportunity that does. In that case, you’ll be surprised to know that almost every field offers a position for environment-focused people. From environmental agencies to law, there’s a career opportunity for you.

You can specialise in a career that directly relates to or works with environmental concerns, or you can find a job opportunity in any industry that offers sustainable job roles.

Green careers are found in almost every industry. So, if you’re genuinely passionate about helping the environment, here are some degrees you can take:

  • Ecology
  • Geography
  • Environmental Science
  • Renewable Energy or Renewable Energy Engineering
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Chemistry, Biology and Physics
  • Botanical Sciences or Plant Sciences
  • Geology or Geosciences
  • Zoology or Conservation

These particular degrees will send you on your way to a green career where you can passionately work about or for the environment. Moreover, even if your job role does not explicitly require any of the degrees above, they offer excellent technical knowledge you can use to begin a green career.

There are numerous green careers out there; some of them are the following:

  • Green Jobs in Science and Research

Environmental scientists focus on the impact of human actions on the environment, including developing innovative ways to lessen this. Most ecological scientists conduct field research, collect samples, and analyse data. Most of their time is spent outdoors gathering and researching, then heading to a lab to find results.

Environmental scientists are hired in different industries, including local governments, research institutes, environmental agencies, universities, and manufacturing companies. They are hired to find ways that reduce the impact of processes these sectors create on the environment.

A science degree is required for this job role, particularly environmental science, biosciences, or environmental engineering.

  • Green Jobs in Education

Environmental education officers are hired by wildlife trusts, conservation groups, government organisations, and local authorities in this sector. In this line of work, you will educate and publicise sustainability concerns and environmental conservation.

Most of your work will involve preparing and distributing reports, materials, and educational resources. You might be competing with many candidates in this field, so a degree in environmental science or related fields can help you get the job.

  • Green Jobs in Engineering

The engineering sector offers job roles that can allow you to focus on environmental concerns. For instance, you can work for a company in the renewable energy sector, seeking ways to develop low cost, low carbon, and reliable solutions to energy generation.

Engineers in this sector may be focused on maintaining and improving current power generation infrastructure or working on energy projects like nuclear power stations and wind farms. You can work for different sectors and industries, including construction firms, energy companies, utility companies, automotive manufacturers, and the government.

  • Green Jobs in Law

As a lawyer, you can work with any sector and in different industries. A green job in law would involve practising energy law or environmental law. While these areas of practice are niches, you get to make sure that law requirements related to the protection of the environment and management of resources are properly followed.

You can also advise companies, government agencies, and private institutions related to environmental law. However, getting this job means you need to complete a law degree or a law conversion course. Only after then can you make a training contract with environmental or energy law teams at a firm of your choice.


Going green is no longer just a slogan or a lifestyle. You can also make it your profession. Working in environmentally-focused sectors can be fulfilling, especially for those passionate about it.

If you want to know more about green jobs in the United Kingdom, visit The UK Careers Fair website. We host award-winning career fairs and recruitment events, including eco-focused careers. Find your next local or national company and work in a fulfilling, environment-focused job!

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