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Continuous Education Post-Graduation

Alan Writer

As a Graduate, you will have a focus on your first job that will set the stage for your career. Yet your educational component was also the first step, and it's critical to note that you will need continuous education throughout your career to ensure its success. 

Why is continuous education so important? 

Well, as a graduate, you learned numerous theories combined with practical applications. Then towards the end of your studies, you spent more time focused on one or two fields, which led to your career. 

Yet the higher level positions not only require years of experience in a role, but at times require additional education, either in the form of an advanced degree from a University or College or in the form of specialised certificates related directly to a field, such as obtaining your CFA for a financial position. 

These advanced degree programs don't need to be done right after you graduate but simply understand that there will be more education required down the line. But, of course, this also has benefits, such as a more prestigious position, higher pay, and basically more opportunity overall. In addition, you'll have combined years of experience with years of education, giving you a distinct advantage over highly coveted positions as they open. 

It can also help with a career change

Having the mentality of continuous education can help those that may have started on one career path and feel that even after several years, it is not the right choice for them in the long term. In addition, education helps to reset qualifications in a way, as you'll be able to keep your years of experience, but with a degree in a new field, or highly regarded certifications in an industry, you may be able to easily pivot into a new position. 

The prior experience is not lost, and in fact, it helps you as a candidate look as if you're more well-rounded for a position and show adaptability at being able to switch careers. Now keep in mind when pivoting, it's not always seamless and may, at times, require a step back to take a step forward, but again continuous education makes it a possibility at the very least. 

What types of continuous education are good places to start? 

Really anything that helps you with your current or future roles or if you're looking for a new career path. Even simply taking an online course to better understand recent trends in your industry will help give you a sharper edge over your colleagues in the day-to-day. 

So while you may think to yourself that once you graduate, you think you're done being a graduate, in reality, you've earned the skill set of learning which will be useful for you throughout. 

Continuous learners tend to be one of the more successful people out there because they're always working on improving themselves and never stop being graduates. As you gain experience in learning, it will also become second nature to you. 

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