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Consideration for Blue Collar Work

Alan Writer

Many of us seem to be pushed toward a career and lifestyle where the dream position is high-paying, safe, and comfortable in a climate-controlled office. These are typically known as white-collar positions due to the wearing of collared shirts. Yet these types of office jobs tend to be service-oriented positions that are not always in high demand due to the sheer number of people applying and going this route. 

Lack of consistency 

When economies get weaker, which is the case now on a global scale, office work tends to be a place that's often targeted. Whereas it used to be the reverse, it's now shifting, where more and more positions in these types of jobs are being eliminated. We have seen recently in the news the massive layoffs of once secure and lucrative positions at companies such as Meta or Twitter happening in large figures around the globe. Financial companies are also starting to freeze up their hiring in preparation for an economic slowdown. 

And yet, while these types of careers tend to recover, they can cause an added stress, as the same unemployed workforce is vying for the same positions when the economies get better. 

Why consider a career in tradecraft

That's why it may be an excellent option to consider getting a tradecraft. Once looked at as a position of a lower class or even lower pay due to the lack of skilled craftsmen currently within it, as more go into office worker positions, the rates have steadily gone up, as has the job security. We're talking about carpenters, electricians, plumbers, welders, and similar types of physical-related positions. It requires a different type of educational path as well as a different mindset. Yet once it's done, there's a set career path from an apprenticeship all the way to a mastery of the career.

It also helps you gain a skillset that will always be in demand, whether it's to work on new construction, work as a registered contractor, or even support building management companies with specialized support. As long as there are going to be buildings and construction or manufacturing occurring, there's always going to be a necessity for this type of position. 

These positions tend to do well during a recession because they are more of a necessity in many cases than a nice to have. Often, the work is routine or maintenance to ensure that systems and major appliances are working correctly, meaning it's always a consistent flow of work for those that pick that type of career.

It may be a step in a different direction that you may not have thought of, but it is also one that can tend to be more fulfilling. This is especially the case later down the line, when you don't have to do much of the work, but you can have it handled by those that are working under your training set. Regardless, it's always a good idea to look into these types of options. 

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