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Careers 101 - Industries Where Bilingualism Is an Advantage

The UK Careers Fair

Being bilingual is an excellent indicator of a person’s intellect and skill. Their ability to speak two languages fluently often tells job recruiters that they are good communicators and can adapt to different situations, which are traits many employers want in their employees.

Bilingual people also tend to understand better and appreciate other cultures, which is the perfect skill for specific industries. With that said, you can use your bilingualism to your advantage to build your career.

Many British businesses seek people who can speak French, German, Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, or Arabic, to name a few. Even if you don’t speak these languages but are fluent in others, you can still use that to your advantage by knowing which industries require your skills.

If you can speak more than one language, you’re already one step closer to achieving your dream career. In line with that, bilingualism is a great advantage in these industries:


The tourism industry is perfect for bilingual individuals looking for jobs. Language skills are a common demand from employers because of the wide variety of people you’d regularly come into contact with. Workers in the tourism industry need to know how to communicate with people from different backgrounds while remaining hospitable. Being bilingual will give you an edge in the hiring process for many employers in this industry.

Government and the Public Sector

The government and public sector is an excellent industry to get into if you’re particularly interested in using your language skills to serve the public. You can take on jobs as a foreign language analyst, translator, or police officer. The government and public sector are always looking for people who can skillfully communicate with different individuals locally and internationally.


The finance industry includes jobs in banking and investment. Employers in these fields constantly seek to recruit people fluent in different languages, making your bilingualism a desirable skill to them. Working in the finance industry demands a level of preciseness in communication to avoid costly misunderstandings and disagreements while dealing with money matters.


If you’re looking into a career in education, being bilingual can only benefit you. As you know, education deals with different kinds of people, especially if you’re working in foreign languages. Applying in a language department you’re fluent in will give you an edge over other applicants. You could also work as a private tutor for various clients if you prefer to teach outside a school.


Being bilingual takes a lot of skill and effort, so employers are always impressed if an applicant happens to be that. If you’re bilingual and applying for a job in any of these industries, there are specific skills related to your bilingualism that you can highlight.

Aside from being a good communicator, you can emphasise that being bilingual hones your skills in multitasking and problem-solving because you can go back and forth between two languages seamlessly. You could also highlight that it deepens your understanding and awareness of different cultures. This skill is essential for jobs in several industries and will impress recruiters interviewing you.

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