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Be Open To Being International As A Fresh Graduate

Alan Writer

You've spent a lot of time working hard to pass your A-Levels, and you're ready to take on the world professionally. Yet there's a traditional route to take, and there's also the less travelled route.

As the world continuously feels smaller and more interconnected, there's a great opportunity for those that are fresh on the market to look at their career on an international scale from the beginning.

Look for international companies

One way you're able to start this journey is by looking at companies with career paths that will place you on an international scale. International doesn't always mean all the way down to Southeast Asia, but simply a presence with our neighbours in the EU or across the pond in the States.

It doesn't matter what your speciality may be after you graduate, as long as you're willing and open to looking for those roles that will eventually get you out there. Industries included in this include import/export companies, international banks, or even startups that have expanded into the UK (which is a common option for those trying to enter the greater European market).

Look outside the UK from the get-go

Or, if you're looking for a more courageous option, you'll start your search immediately outside of the UK. These may be tougher to come by initially with minimal experience, but you won't know until you cast your job search net far enough to be able to find those types of roles.

The industries are similar, and if you're in specific industries such as IT and tech or with a highly skilled position such as engineering or science, you'll be able to look for this niche position earlier on in your career.

Start your own thing and explore the world

This may not always be for everyone, but unless you have an outstanding career opportunity right after graduating, you may want to consider seeing what's out there first.

Don't have a fear of the unknown. Maybe you take some time off and explore some remote areas to see what they're like to live or work in, or you may also start out as a freelancer with your expertise and search for those markets that need your skill sets.

It's a much more entrepreneurial spirit that isn't for everyone, but it also doesn't need to be long-term. Regardless this will be a unique experience itself that can help to make your fresh graduate CV look a lot more robust as it sees you as a self-starting risk-taker that many companies are always looking for.

Remember, you can always pivot later on in your career or grow within your field and switch out to international companies later on. It all depends on what your focus is when you're a fresh graduate, and it's also important to note that it's a possibility a lot sooner than having to wait a decade or two down the line to try to get that international experience.

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