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All You Need to Know About a Career in IT

March 23, 2021
Olivia Batten

In today’s world, the technology industry is booming and shows little signs of slowing down. If you have a natural flair for computers or you have qualifications that are suited to the industry, a career in IT can be a very interesting pathway. But, if if you don’t have an entire background in IT, if you have transferable skills and a passion for the sector, your career prospects are still great!

Starting your IT career

IT jobs are available for all levels of experience, however, getting a relevant degree or studying for IT qualifications are two of the best routes to take. Education and experience is an important part of entering the IT career ladder. Not to mention the increase in job opportunities once you have a good range of skills on your CV. Transferable GCSE’s, apprenticeships and A-Levels are a great place to start before studying at higher education or in taking a course.

Common IT-related degrees and courses include:

● Computer science

● Computing

● Networking

● Web development and coding

● Cybersecurity

● Software engineering

How competitive is the industry?

IT is an industry that weaves itself across all other industries and businesses so employers are always looking for IT experts. However, the industry can be competitive especially for graduates. Having a strong academic record will always impress employers and put you ahead of the competition. For more common positions, make sure your CV stands out including any IT experience you have other than your qualifications. If you have a niche IT-related degree, you will have less competition but that doesn’t mean you’ll breeze through.

Which pathways can you take?

Choosing IT as a career route does put you at an advantage since the majority of businesses will have a dedicated IT team that plays an important role. Whether you like the technical side of IT or you’d like a role that’s more business-focused, IT includes a range of core positions but due to the nature of the industry, new and innovative roles are always being developed. While studying, you may find interest in a particular area of IT and decide to specialise in that, however, there are pathways to suit everyone.

Technical IT areas include:

● Software development

● Website building

● Hardware development

● IT support and troubleshooting

Business IT areas include:

● IT consulting

● IT project management

● Software sales

IT salary expectations

A career in IT offers many starting salaries and a lot of room for potential growth. From graduate roles to intermediate positions, the IT sector provides a solid career path for candidates at all levels.

Your salary expectations may look something a little like this:

● Graduate and entry - level - £21,000 - £30,000

● Intermediate roles - £25,000 - £35,000

● Experienced roles - £35,000 +

If you have a relevant degree this is likely to increase your starting salary but of course, this depends on the type of career path you choose.

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