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A Guide to Social Media Careers

Emily Topping

The world revolves around social media and not only people, but businesses have been able to use it in a way to help them get to where they want to in the world. But is there a career in it? Could you have a long and successful career based solely on social media, the answer is yes and there are so many different avenues that you can go down in order to do so.

Do I need qualifications?

Though a lot of people think that you don't, there are a few things that you can have in your skillset that will open more opportunities for you when it comes to social media. Here are a few of them:

Marketing, IT Skills, Business, English Language

Social media careers are extensive, they are not just about posting pictures and videos, you need to know about marketing, the platforms are being used for marketing day in and out and a lot of the jobs that are associated with social media are based around marketing.

What sort of jobs could I be looking at in social media?
Social Media Manager

If you know your way around social media and can keep up with trends, posting times, even hashtags then this is a job that you will be able to get into. A lot of people shy away from these roles because they feel as though it isn't a real job, but this is the foundation of any business. If the content is not being put out on the internet, then a lot of people will not even know that you exist. Social media managers are also very good at seeing what is happening in the world before anyone else is, as they keep up with the trends, keep an eye on the competitors in the area and report back to their line manager, though some may see it as a lesser job, they are important for a lot of businesses.

Creative consultancy

We've put this under a very large title, but this can range from photography to videography, film editor, graphics designer, website creator and much more. Creatives are huge in the market right now and social media is based on the content that you are putting out there so these sorts of roles are going quickly. There is even a new market that has recently come out for creatives in which they can consult their skills to other businesses and act as an agency.

So, whether the role is in house or not, there is a lot of avenues that can be pursued when it comes to creative roles in the social media industry.

Marketing Research Analyst

A social media analyst is a person who is continually taking the data from a brand and then assessing it to report back to directors etc. They are listening to how the content is performing and how their social media impact is making a difference to the business and then can formulate a plan on which direction the company needs to go next to keep up with trends. The fundamentals of their roles are based around using social media analytics tools to report critical KPIs to their superiors.

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