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6 Facts to Avoid When Creating a CV

November 16, 2021
The UK Careers Fair

You have been job hunting for a while now, and you are starting to feel discouraged. Job interviews don't seem to be going well, and you're not sure why. Maybe it's because your CV is full of mistakes that make hiring managers cringe! This blog post will cover 6 facts about CVs that you need to avoid if you want a high chance of getting hired!

  1. Don't exaggerate your skills.

To achieve success in your interview, you need to be honest and accurate. Job hunting is a tough process full of competition, so being completely truthful will help you stand out from the crowd.

Don't mention any false skills or experience that don't exist in your CV - employers often ask interviewees technical questions about their skills which they couldn't possibly know if they were lying. It's important not to exaggerate too much either; while it might seem like an impressive addition, claiming responsibility for something beyond your job description could do more harm than good when trying to secure employment with another company later on down the line.

It's best to stick with what you're sure of!

  1. Don't lie about qualifications or experience.

One of the worst things you can do is lie about your qualifications or experience for a job. Job hunting experts agree that this will come back to haunt you, even if it's not discovered at first. If someone hires you based on false information and then later discovers that they were deceived, there may be grounds for termination as well as legal action against you. Even worse, since many companies now check references before hiring, they'll learn the truth when asking former employers what kind of worker they are! Don't make up entire jobs or responsibilities for yourself. It may seem tempting to embellish your resume with grandiose titles and duties to appear more than other applicants but don't do it. For example, if you want to sound more important than your job title indicates or have an exaggerated idea of what your responsibilities were at past jobs, don't just list the titles that fit this fantasy.

  1. Avoid using slang, abbreviations, and emoticons in a CV –

Job hunting does not mean having to adopt a casual tone. Job boards and job ads do not ask for informal language, so you should avoid slang or abbreviations when writing your CV. In addition, hiring managers may frown upon the use of emoticons in a resume - they want to see professionalism from applicants at all times, even if it is only an electronic document!

  1. Be honest with your age if you're over 40 years old - but don't mention it on first contact.

Be honest about your age from the start - it's important to be truthful. If you're over 40, don't mention your age until a job offer has been made and accepted, as many employers discriminate against older workers. At any rate, by law, they aren't allowed to ask your exact age, so even if asked point-blank, say "I'm in my thirties" or "late twenties."

  1. Don't include your marital status or age.

Marital status in an interview can be a deal-breaker. It does not mean you have to conceal this information but do not include it on your CV. Job hunting is already difficult enough without worrying about what employers think of your marital status or age, especially if they are looking for younger employees who can fit in with the company culture.

  1. Don't give out personal information

Mentioning where you live in an interview can be a bit off-putting. Job hunters never want to appear desperate, so it's best not to talk about where you live or how long you have lived in the area.

The second mistake people make while creating their resume is mentioning their height and weight. There could be several issues with this: firstly, it shows the company that you might not fit into safety gear like hard hats; and secondly, it could make you look like an unhealthy individual.


You've probably heard the saying, "never judge a book by its cover." But I'm here to tell you that, in this case, it's okay. Your resume is your first impression and can often determine whether or not you land an interview. Their resumes are what they rely on for income for many people, so it's important to make sure yours stands out from others.

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