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3 Must-Consider Opportunities for the UK Jobseekers in 2021

The UK Careers Fair

After going through a slump during the first half of the COVID-19 pandemic, the British job market is now on a full path to resurgence. With a growing number of opportunities coming up across industries, it’s clear that job hunters are in for much higher chances of success in finding openings. As time goes by, the number of attractive opportunities continues to grow significantly, thanks to the high demand from businesses for top-quality talent.

The most in-demand jobs in the UK for 2021

If you’ve been looking for a new vocation, you’re likely wondering about where your next path or career step lies. Although you might be familiar with the industries you are well-versed in, it’s also a great idea to consider finding new opportunities to add to your resume that will enrich your array of skills and capabilities.

In this article, we will go over the various high-demand jobs in the United Kingdom in 2021:

Opportunity #1: Project Manager (Mace, Syngenta, GSK, The AA, Xero)

Average Base Salary: £43,000
Number of Open Jobs: ~22,791

What do they do?: As a more generalised track, project managers take on many industries in roles where they are required to handle various tasks concerning a company’s small and large-scale efforts. In terms of tasks, this job title bears many responsibilities that require them to plan, organise, control and deliver a project on time—all within both the budget and scope set out at the start.

What is required?: Typically, those who are best suited for a project manager role have a business-related degree that provides them with the necessary skills, training, and learning for handling this job. Upon hiring, these professionals start at an assistant level and then move up the corporate ladder into larger-scale decision-making positions.

Opportunity #2: Delivery driver (Asda, Abel & Cole, DFS, Amazon, Just Eat)

Average Base Salary: £20,055
Number of Open Jobs: ~4,205

What do they do?: Considered as the core of every large-scale company’s logistical efforts, a delivery driver is responsible for delivering orders to customers on time. Whether it is within the town or across the country, they deliver products or materials from supplier to retailer on time and in the best possible condition to ensure demand is always met. With this job, one can expect to handle many jobs that span from reviewing orders for delivery to loading and unloading the vehicle and providing customer service support to customers.

What is required?: In terms of requirements, applicants will need to possess a full driving licence to qualify as a delivery driver while having good eyesight and some customer service skills. As an added bonus, pertinent experience in related positions also helps in terms of finding opportunities as soon as possible.

Opportunity #3: Store managers (EE, Morrisons Supermarket, Costa Coffee, and The Body Shop)

Average Base Salary: £29,250
Number of Open Jobs: ~4,537

What do they do?: Store managers have the responsibility of managing the daily tasks involved in running a store. In this position, you can expect to handle tasks, such as setting staff rotations, the hiring and training of new staff, motivating staff, developing promotional campaigns, managing budgets and dealing with customers.

What is required?: Finding work as a store manager doesn’t necessarily require a degree or specific qualifications. It is worth noting that having a general business sense, good communication skills, and the ability to delegate is critical to being considered by hiring managers.


With more opportunities for work arising each day in the UK’s ever-expansive job market, it’s clear that there’s no better time to find employment than today. Suppose you want to secure yourself a rewarding opportunity to build your career and set yourself up for personal and professional growth. In that case, the three opportunities mentioned above are good places to start!

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