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Top 6 Interview Mistakes Most Candidates Don’t Know About

October 8, 2021
The UK Careers Fair

If you've ever tried leaving an interview with second thoughts about how you did, you're not alone. Even those with years of job hunting experience and a wide range of qualifications may still have difficulties acing an interview.

This is because most people focus too much on the "acing" part and too little on minor mistakes that could be costing them a huge opportunity.

Here are six significant interview errors to avoid:

1. Saying Negative Things About Your Previous Work or Boss

One of the most typical mistakes interviewers make is being pessimistic about their current employment. Frustrations and conflicts occur in all organisations.

Therefore a potential employer wants to know that you can manage yourself through these situations rather than simply quitting when they occur. They will want to know how you would act if you were a part of their company. Would you be a positive influence or a negative impact?

2. Not Looking the Part

Looking well-dressed indicates that you are serious about the interview and want to put your best foot forward. However, far too many people arrive for interviews rumpled, wrinkled, dirty, and wearing clothing that doesn't quite fit.

Although interviews aren't exactly fashion hubs, it is still necessary to pick your clothes carefully, brush your hair, and check yourself in the mirror beforehand. For more information on impressing your recruiters, read this article on important body language tips for interviews.

3. Not Having Questions

As the interview comes to an end, the recruiter will ask if you have any questions for them. Saying no is never a good idea. Don't squander this opportunity to obtain answers to your questions regarding the position and the firm.

Asking a few pertinent questions demonstrates your interest in the position. You might inquire about any current initiatives or projects the company is handling currently, career advancement prospects, or where the firm sees itself in five years.

Avoid questions about what the firm does (you should have done your homework), how much paid leave you're entitled to, or if you're getting the job. Also, refrain from asking a question if the answer has already been provided during the interview. Prepare two or three questions wherever feasible so that you always have a backup.

For more in-depth information, read this article on why you should ask questions during an interview.

4. Ruining Your Chances With Social Media

Nowadays, social networking is a component of the process that firms undertake to assess new workers. There's a high possibility your prospective employer is looking through your Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Tumblr, Google +, and other social media profiles before you go into an interview. If they don't like what they see, your interview might be over before it starts.

5. Not Appearing Confident

Interviewees frequently make blunders on important trivialities like making excellent eye contact, answering confidently, and giving a firm handshake.

Because interpersonal skills are crucial in most jobs, you should attempt to appear confident even if you are anxious. A few deep breaths before the interview should be pretty helpful. Read this article on how to make a good impression at interviews to learn more.

6. Focusing the Interview Too Much About Yourself

Instead of concentrating exclusively on how this position will benefit you, consider the value you will provide to the organisation.

This demonstrates to interviewers that you are dedicated to their company's vision and ambitions. Explain how you contributed to prior positions and what characteristics help you cooperate with coworkers.

Final Thoughts

Send the interviewer an email or a nicely handwritten letter afterwards. Thank them for their time and express your continued interest in the position. Share anything particular about the position that piques your interest in it. Include anything you learnt during the interview to demonstrate that you were attentive.

Use these practical tips to ace your following interview! The UK Careers Fair is the leading organiser and provider of job fairs, recruitment events, and career fairs throughout the UK. Find your next corporate home at our upcoming Liverpool Careers Fair on Thursday, 21st October. For further inquiries, contact us today!

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