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Tips and Tricks to Build Rapport at a Job Interview

October 14, 2021
The UK Careers Fair

If you’re working on landing your dream job, you must strive to jump through hurdles, also known as interviews. Yes, your application depends on your qualifications, including your work history and how well you’re fit for the job. But, there’s also considerable weight on how you sell yourself during the interview.

You can describe a good interview as one where you have established a good connection with the interviewer—or, in simple terms, building rapport.

In this article, we’ll share with you some tips on how to develop rapport with your job interviewer and possibly help you land the job of your dreams.

1. Observe and Adjust as You Go

A solid behaviour you should apply during the interview is mirroring the behaviour of who you’re talking to. It’s common for people to do so in social situations, but it’s something you should keep in mind if you want to gain a better connection with your interviewer.

For instance, if your interviewer sets a serious tone, be more formal and focus on their questions without small talk. You don’t want to look too funny, immature, or over-the-top when someone means business. Meanwhile, if the interviewer is more sociable, feel free to make conversation and relax. If you stay serious, they may think you’re cold or standoffish.

Instead, what you should do is to read your interview and match your body language, gestures, tone, and demeanour with the example that they set.

2. Show Enthusiasm and Appreciation

Employers and hiring managers do not only look for people who look perfect on paper. They want someone who wants to be there. They need people excited and motivated to be a part of the team. They hire people who want to add value to the organisation.

Show that you are all of these things by openly expressing your interest in the position. Give them all the reasons you want to have the job and why you are attracted to handle the role you’re aiming for in the company.

Moreover, let the interviewer know that you appreciate that they considered you for the role. A few hours after the interview, send an email or an SMS thanking them for sharing their time with you, reiterating how enthusiastic you are for the job.

3. Make It an Actual Conversation

A great job interview shouldn’t be one-sided—it’s not an interrogation. The best interview should be one with good interaction between the two of you, something with an actual back and forth of ideas and information.

During the interview, one thing you can do to connect with the hiring manager is to ask questions. Think about what you want to know about the company and the role—make it a point to insert these questions in the interview. After all, this could be a part of your future, so learn about it as much as you can.

Final Thoughts

Building rapport is essential in relationships, but it’s also crucial in nailing interviews. The key to rapport building is simple—be yourself. If you are as honest and natural as possible, your interviewer will also see that you’re authentic, and they will trust and believe you more.

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